#ReadKidsClassics- Celebrating April with Miss Rumphius

Hello and Welcome to our 2nd  installment of the Read Kid’s Classics Challenge! I’m so glad you’re here and I can hardly wait to see what you’re reading as well. As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of children’s classics and over the years my family has actively read old classics […]

Weekend Links: Land, Water and Nature Books for Kids

Welcome to Weekend Links! This is my chance to share the best-of-the-best in children’s books, resources and booklists that I have encountered during my online travels throughout the course of the week. With the occurrence of World Water Day this month, and Earth Day just around the corner, I have seen many fabulous book finds […]

If you’re a Gutsy Girl-Read This!

March is Women’s History Month and we’re bringing the month to a close by celebrating in grand style. Before women make their history, they first had to have some focus, bravery, and perseverance to get them there. Let’s face it, all women have hurdles to jump over, but every woman that makes, and contributes, to […]

What you DON’T know about author Hans Christian Andersen

International Children’s Book Day is celebrated every April 2nd, inspiring children to pick up a book and get reading! April the 2nd was chosen to mark this day for young literature lovers as it’s the same date as Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, the author of many famous children’s stories like The Little Mermaid and The […]

A look at what makes Jump Into a Book tick (and a free gift!)

Jump into a Book; The Place Where we Make Kids Books Come Alive. That was the line I created many years ago when Jump Into a Book was just a seed of an idea in my brain. Back then, I wanted an online gathering place where parents, teachers and librarians could not only discover amazing […]

If You Had $20 Would You Buy A Bear? {Finding Winnie}

Well if I did have $20, and it was a bear that would later go down in history as Christopher Robin’s best friend, then yes I sure would! Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear  is a wonderful children’s picture book by Lindsay Mattock and illustrated brilliantly by Sophie Blackall is not […]

American Chocolate Week: Wonka Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Recipe

It’s American Chocolate Week! When I think of Chocolate, I think of Willy Wonka. When I think of Willy Wonka, I think of the children’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Do you remember the first time you read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as a child? Do you recall the thrill of discovering that […]

The 4 magic words that will make your kids happier in the long run

Wouldn’t it be great to have “4 magic words” that would put an end to all of your parenting worries and woes?? It would be…well…MAGICAL! Though I don’t have an extra special “abracadabra” spell, I do have four words that could make all kids happier in the long run.  The words are simple; “Get outside […]

Are You a Competitive Book Reader? It’s time for BOB (Battle of the Books)

Well if you are then it’s time for BOB Battle of the Books !!! While much of the world is engaged in college basketball heaven with March Madness, School Library Journal has a bit of their own March Madness going on with Battle of the Books aka BOB to those of us in the book […]

How about some Pi? (a Pi Day Booklist and fun Pi activities)

Today, my friends, is a double header….yep you heard me right. First, look at the date; it’s 3.14 which is the written form of the mathematical symbol known as Pi. How cool is that ? Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The ratio is ALWAYS 3.14! 3.14 is the day […]