Weekend Links: Bite-Sized Reading Tricks That Keep Kids Inspired

Welcome to Weekend Links! This is my favorite part of the week because I get to share the goodies, finds and resources that I have discovered over the course of the week during my online travels. This week, I want to focus on a unique idea when it comes to reading; simplify. Simplify as in; […]

The Mountains of Tibet by Mordicai Gerstein Book Review

In the wonderful book, The Mountains of Tibet by Mordicai Gerstein, the young boy living in the mountains of Tibet lived a wonderful life of flying kites, hard work, a loving family, and peace. When he died, which is the natural progression of life, he rose into the sky where he was given the choice […]

She Stood for Freedom: The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero

She Stood for Freedom: The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero by Loki Mulholland is a unique story explores the life of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland; an ordinary girl from the South who just did the right thing. The Civil Rights Movement was an extremely tragic yet absolutely necessary piece of American history. Both black and […]

Weekend Links-Olympic-themed books for Kids

With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio just around the corner, I am seeing more and more wonderful books that help our young readers understand the importance of this athletic milestone, but also to celebrate all of the notable athletes who have left their mark in Olympic history. Here are some of my top picks. […]

How to Create Balanced Screen Time in your Home

Over the past few years I’ve watched the screen debate evolve as families choose between having a “screen-free” or a “screen-filled” home. In our family we’ve carefully chosen what is watched on TV, what Internet sites can be accessed, and enforced a strict “no cellphone until you can drive” policy. Of course, every on-line safety […]

Notable Women: Author Linda Sue Park

Is summer flying by or WHAT?! Goodness, before we know it we will be reading about “first day of school” booklists! I’ve been having so much fun with my Notable Women series these last few weeks. I kicked things off American Revolution hero Sybil Ludington, then moved on to favorite author Pam Muñoz Ryan. This […]

14 Minecraft Books for Kids

**some of these links are affiliate links Last week we had some much fun digging into the Minecraft Lab book from John Miller and Chris Scott. So much so, I decided to roundup a Minecraft booklist just for the Minecraft fans in your life! Here are 14 Minecraft Books for Kids to inspire reading and creativity. […]

I have proof! Dragons ARE Real!

Breaking News! Proof that Dragons are indeed REAL! Maybe this news prompted you to drop your sandwich or even roll your eyes with disbelief….but I am here to tell you; Dragons are Real! How do I know? I have proof. In fact, I have MORE than proof! As a child I had a Dragon friend […]

Minecraft Lab for Kids by John Miller and Chris Fornell Scott

{Guest post from Hannah Rials} What is going on? Now we’re writing books that are encouraging kids to play video games? I thought we were supposed to be discouraging this? I’m so confused! I’m sure a lot of you parents are thinking that right now. And yes, kids should be getting outside, exploring their world, […]

Notable Women- Author Pam Muñoz Ryan

I’ve been having some summer fun shining the spotlight on “notable women.” To me, notable women are women who have made a difference in this world due to their actions or talents. Last week I had fun sharing some American History with notable woman, Sybil Ludington thanks to my “head elf,” Becky. This week I […]