Snow Festival Day 5: Snowflake Bentley


There once was a boy who loved snow more than anything else in the whole wide world. Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, celebrates Wilson Bentley’s lifelong love and passion of snow and the snowflake specifically. Wilson Bentley had been fascinated by snow for as long as he could remember. Snow in Vermont is as […]

Snow Festival Day 4: The Story of Snow (and some Affirmation Snowflakes!)

snowstorm in a jar

The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino celebrates the magic of snow through science, math, language arts, music, and visual art activities.  The Story of Snow uses a brilliant balance of incorporating photographs of crystals, pen & ink drawings, text for 3 different reading levels, and uncovering the mystery of snow. It serves equally as both a fascinating non-fiction […]

Snow Festival Day 3: Story of the Snow Children

Message Crown A

I can’t think of a better way to continue our Snow Festival week than with The Story of the Snow Children by Sibylle von Olfers. Who couldn’t love Poppy in her little red hat going to a winter’s feast? I was trying to remember the first time I heard this story and I can’t remember. It […]

Snow Festival Day 2: Snow by Uri Shulevitz


Snow by Uri Shulevitz has stood the test of time in our house. In winter it is never far from reach and is always the very first book to come off the shelf during the very first snow storm of the season. “It’s snowing, said boy with dog. “It’s only a snowflake,” said grandfather with beard. […]

Weekend Links: Holiday Festive Books and Fun Milestones

Christmas Wish book review

As I sit as my laptop happily typing away and I can’t help reflecting on what a joyous holiday season it has been this year.  There have been so many positive strides and monumental victories this year for me, both personally and as a writer. The weeks leading up to Christmas have been particularly busy […]

Snow Festival Day 1: The Blizzard by John Rocco

snow shoes out of tennis rackets

One of the things I love most about winter is SNOW. So I’ve decided to dedicate an entire week of posts to our favorite snow books and the things we can do with them. Our first book choice for this wonderful week of snow is “Blizzard” by. How many times have we been released from school […]

The Tomte by Victor Rydberg

Wishing All of You, Our Reading Friends, a Very Splendid Holiday Season! Astrid Lindgren’s book The Tomten was inspired by this very famous Swedish poem called The Tomte by Victor Rydberg.  Originally in Swedish, I share it with you here in English so you can be inspired by these little gnome elves.   Deep in […]

Do You Know How to Enchant a Child? The Little Fir Tree Does.

firtree 3

 The Little Fir Tree by Margaret Wise Brown is a heart grabber. The book has the most beautiful paintings which really remind me of my sweet boy “O”. Jim Lamarche, the illustrator, has contributed to the magic of this great story. They put golden tinsel  on his branches And golden bells And green icicles And […]

Victories and Updates with our Beloved Multicultural Children’s Book Day

We are so excited to announce our 2nd Multicultural Children’s Book Day January 27th, 2015 because we’ve added …   Multicultural Children’s Book Day Blogger Co-Hosts We are excited to add our amazing Co-Hosts to help spread the word about diversity books for kids: Africa to America All Done Monkey The Educators’ Spin on It […]

Weekend Links: Updates, Victories and DEALS


Christmas is almost upon us and WOW has it been busy around JIAB Headquarters! Thanks to holiday shoppers looking for quality books and activities for kids, I have sold, packed and shipped over 100 copies our Audrey’s Press’ newest book A Year in the Secret Garden. this week alone.   A big part of the […]