Fish Finelli: Operation Fireball by E.S. Farber Book Review+ Activity (Guest Post from Hannah Rials)

Fish Finelli

Guest Post by Hannah Rials Fish Finelli is the smartest kid in town, yet he can’t seem to stop making bets with that annoying, stuck up Bryce Billings. So when Bryce taunts Fish about losing the Captain Kidd Classic boating race, Fish can’t help but accept the bet. He has a good boat; […]

Dancing Differently 101-Giraffes Can’t Dance Book Review & Activity {Shannon Medisky}

Giraffes Can't Dance

Send to Kindle  Can you believe school is DONE?!!? Ack! Now everyone is kicking into “summer reading gear” and Jump Into a Book is no different. This year I decided to “mix it up” a bit and invite some of the many amazing bloggers and reading/play advocates that  I know to stop by and share […]

Always Emily by Michaela MacColl {Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

Always Emily

Ever heard of the Bronte sisters? Every wonder why their novels are the way they are? Well, Always Emily by Michaela MacColl takes an exciting look into the young lives of Charlotte and Emily Bronte. When the last of their older sisters dies when Charlotte is ten and Emily eight, the immediate duties […]

Be a Dream Collector with the Big Friendly Giant

Dream Jars

Sophie later learned that the BFG ( Big Friendly Giant) was a dream collector. She took him with her in the pale country where you can hear dreams sailing along. “Where are we?” she asked. “We is in Dream Country.” the BFG said. “This is where all dreams is beginning.” Eons ago, when […]

The Adventures of Achilles by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden {Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

The Adventures of Achilles

Send to Kindle{Guest post by Hannah Rials} The Adventures pf Achilles is another wonderful book from the Barefoot Books line-up.  The Adventures of Achilles tells the mythical story behind this amazing warrior’s history and of the fall of the great walled city of Troy. The story is told beautifully, but I do not recommend this […]

Custer’s Last Battle by Paul Goble {A Wisdom Tale’s Book}

Little Bighorn

Custer’s Last Battle by Paul Goble   In answer to the need for an “actual” account of the Battle of Little Big Horn for his son Richard, Paul Goble created a book which allows its readers to rediscover the retelling of the Battle of Little Big Horn from a Native American perspective.”Custer’s Last […]

Shakespeare’s Storybook {Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

Shakespears Storybook

Guest Post by Hannah Rials Did you know this last April marked Shakespeare’s 450th birthday? Every year on April 23, Stratford-upon-Avon and the world celebrate the birth of the most famous English playwright in history — and this year’s festivities will be bigger than usual, as 2014 marks what would have been the […]

The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl! by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton {Giveaway and Review}


Follow my blog with Bloglovin All of us here at Jump into a Book are so excited to welcome Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton on the blog today. They are sharing their very newest and latest release,  The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl! by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton This book comes […]

Poem In Your Pocket Day!

This week is Poem In Your Pocket Day! {April 17th} On Poem in Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States select a poem, carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day.  You can also share your poem selection on Twitter by using the hashtag #pocketpoem. On that day […]

Celebrating National Library Week with The Library Adventure

Library adventure writer widget

I have been a contributor to Vicki Arnold’s The Library Adventure for awhile and I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful site. The Library Adventure was founded by Vicki Arnold in 2013 when she was faced with the quandary of how to fit her love of the library […]