Secret Garden Wednesday: Sticky Toffee Pudding

A Snowy Day February 26th 2015

Happy Secret Garden Wednesday !!! Every Secret Garden Wednesday readers can drop by & find new and special happenings in the Secret Garden. There will be crafts, great food, fun and laughter. Last week was filled, and I mean filled, with ice, sleet… and finally a big dose of wonderful snow. Once the snow hit and […]

How do Pandas Eat With 3-Foot Chopsticks? A Chinese Happy New Year with Demi

The Pandas and their Chopsticks

Happy Lunar New Year. This week we’re celebrating Chinese New Year. Usually this means we go to our friends The Deng’s House and have an enormous feast and fireworks. This year however the Dengs are actually home in China, celebrating with their family and friends in Beijing. We want to wish all of you a […]

Have you Heard of the Mystery of the Giant Masks? Mystery of the Giant Masks of Sanxingdui by Icy Smith


Author Icy Smith is one brilliant story teller. In her book Mystery of the Giant Masks of Sanxingdui, she carefully weaves a story about tradition, honor, art, respect and beauty. Brother and sister team Wei and Min prepare for the Warrior festival with their family and friends. Part of the art and tradition of the […]

Love to Time Travel? Sophia’s Journal Book Review


We are just a few short days away from our second Multicultural Children’s Book Day. I’ve been matched with one of our Platinum Sponsors Daybreak Press and Global Bookstore and a really cleverly written book called Sophia’s Journey by Najiyah Diana Maxfield. This book is for middle school and above readers. Sophia’s Journal does a […]

What If the World Were a Village ?

If the World Were a Village

We are busy as bees over here getting ready for our 2nd Multicultural Children’s Book Day on January 27th 2015. We hope you’ll join us along with our 17 sponsors, 9 co- hosts, 150+ bloggers and many author sponsors to celebrate those books that celebrate multiculturalism and diversity. Please check out the excitement here and […]

Want to Meet a Hero of Nonviolence?

Snakes and Ladders Jain Version

Do you know who influenced and inspired Mahatma Gandhi into using nonviolence when dealing with the fight for India’s freedom from British rule ? Did you know that Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King Jr. in using non-violence in bringing equal rights for African-Americans? Can you imagine bringing justice, equality, and peace to the world without […]

Snow Festival Day 5: Snowflake Bentley


There once was a boy who loved snow more than anything else in the whole wide world. Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, celebrates Wilson Bentley’s lifelong love and passion of snow and the snowflake specifically. Wilson Bentley had been fascinated by snow for as long as he could remember. Snow in Vermont is as […]

Snow Festival Day 4: The Story of Snow (and some Affirmation Snowflakes!)

snowstorm in a jar

The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino celebrates the magic of snow through science, math, language arts, music, and visual art activities.  The Story of Snow uses a brilliant balance of incorporating photographs of crystals, pen & ink drawings, text for 3 different reading levels, and uncovering the mystery of snow. It serves equally as both a fascinating non-fiction […]

Snow Festival Day 3: Story of the Snow Children

Message Crown A

I can’t think of a better way to continue our Snow Festival week than with The Story of the Snow Children by Sibylle von Olfers. Who couldn’t love Poppy in her little red hat going to a winter’s feast? I was trying to remember the first time I heard this story and I can’t remember. It […]

Snow Festival Day 2: Snow by Uri Shulevitz


Snow by Uri Shulevitz has stood the test of time in our house. In winter it is never far from reach and is always the very first book to come off the shelf during the very first snow storm of the season. “It’s snowing, said boy with dog. “It’s only a snowflake,” said grandfather with beard. […]