Hispanic Heritage Month Book Review: Wonder

August Pullman is a normal kid. He’s very smart and funny. He’s kind and loves deeply. There’s just one problem, one thing hindering him in life—his face. At birth, he suffered from a rare condition that left his facial features rather deformed. People are always surprised when they see August for the first time. They […]

Weekend Links: National Hispanic Heritage Month Booklists

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month and my travels across the interwebs this week has turn up soooo many amazing links, posts and resources for parents, teachers and young readers. Enjoy! 33 Latino Middle Grade Chapter Books You Should Know  @JumpIntoABook Top 10: Best Latino American Children’s Books (ages 2-16)  @PragmaticMom […]

33 Latino Middle Grade Chapter Books You Should Know

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched […]

If You Like Percy Jackson, Read This

Maybe you’re in the same boat as us. We’ve finished all of the Percy Jackson books… and now what do we read? We want more Rick Riordan! Or, another boat perhaps we are sharing is aging readers. Our Wonder Son is now in high school. Percy Jackson was such an epic event in his younger […]

Weekend Links: Exploring & Sharing Incredible Book Series for Kids

Welcome to Weekend Links! Is summer whizzing by or what?? Reading is always an important part of our children’s lives no matter what time of year it is and so is helping our young readers learn about other cultures, religions and traditions through the pages of these books. Here are some great booklists and resources […]

Book-Jumper Summer Reading: A Norse God and Viking Booklist!

We’re continuing on our Book-Jumper Summer Reading series path with Norse God/Viking Week here on Jump into a Book! On Monday we looked at the great series by Joanne Harris. I feel as if I know Joanne. She is with us everywhere we go. We simply can’t leave home without one of her books. I’ve […]

Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series-The Great Redwood Tree Booklist

Welcome to Week 8 of The Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series! This series is my way of inspiring parents who are looking for creative ways to keep their kids reading this summer. All of the books I am jumping into feature protagonists are girls or women and most of our showcased authors are women as well. […]

Weekend Links: Awesome Booklists for Boys

It’s time for Weekend Links! This is my chance to share the best-of-the-best in regards to bookish fun and resources that I have encountered over the course of the week. This week I stumbled upon a bounty of booklists just for our boy readers. Some of these are excellent! Enjoy 9 Thrilling Book Series for […]

Bookjumper Summer Inkheart Trilogy Giveaway

Author Cornelia Funke is one of our favorites and this week we have been celebrating her Inkheart series and other books from her collection. Earlier this week we jumped into her book The Thief Lord and also a deeper look at her Inkheart series here. I’m so happy to be giving away her Inkheart Trilogy […]

Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series: The Wildwood Chronicles 3-Book Giveaway

Today dear reading friends I present to you an invitation to venture into the world of The Wildwood. Are you brave enough? Are you adventuresome enough? Are you ready to leap into a world that could be in your very own neighborhood? Today we are offering The Wildwood Chronicles 3-Book Giveaway for you to find […]