Weekend Links: Get Inspired with these #kidlit Summer Reading Recommends

If it hasn’t already, the school year is nearly over here in the States and summer is upon us. Wondering what to do with the kids over the summer break? The first answer I would give is to get outside, explore, travel and spend quality time together! But another thing that is always on parents minds […]

Weekend Links: Some Fun Possibilities for Summer Reading Booklists

Happy Sunday! Can you believe there’s only around 8 weeks of school left?! People I know (including myself) are already making summer plans and looking forward to a more relaxed pace. But parents also know that summer is prime time for the “summer slide” when it comes to reading. Scholastic has an excellent report called […]

Weekend Links: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Welcome to Weekend Links! Do you remember hearing the childhood rhyme, “April Showers Bring May Flowers?” The rhyme was originally a short poem. The reality is that April showers DO bring spring May flowers! However, there is meaning behind the words, as well “April showers bring May flowers” is a reminder that even the most unpleasant of things, in […]

International Women’s Day- #Kidlit books that ignite a global sisterhood

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Though I have never officially celebrated this global event on JIAB, I think it’s high time that I did! The online world is filled with quotes, marches and articles celebrating the woman who are united in masses to work towards transforming the tense world we all live in. From what […]

Kidlit picks from my own home turf: A Great Smoky Mountain #booklist

  Many of the long-time readers of JIAB already know that my home is nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains; just a few miles from the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Throughout the year my family and friends and I spend many hours in the park enjoying all of the natural beauty. One […]

My Top Middle Grade, Picture Book and YA #Booklists of 2016

  Are you curious to know which posts from Jump Into a Book have been the most popular with my readers in 2016?  Well…the wait is over and here are the stand-outs and “populars” from 2016. Do you see your favorite on this list? If I could pin-point a reoccurring theme for 2016 it would […]

The Tomten and the Reynard: A sweet kidlit review to get you in the Holiday Spirit

A tomte is just another word for a gnome. Tomtes know many things. They know what the weather will be by how quickly the squirrels are gathering nuts. They know how to find the tastiest mushrooms but most importantly, they know how to talk to animals, especially foxes. The Tomten and the Fox is a story […]

An Exceptionally Magical Winter Tomte Booklist!

It’s an exceptionally magical time of year. As I was pondering this the thought of my friend the “winter tomte” or “jul tomte” popped into my mind. Is there really such a thing ? Ah yes there really is such a thing as a winter tomte and this time of year especially we have many […]

A Roundup of Courage and Bravery Books for Girls

The world seems more tuned in to the intention of tolerance, bravery, kindness, inclusion, understanding and courage these days. And I am incredibly glad they are. I love seeing people rising up, pulling together and “going high” when others “go low.” I love seeing people actively working to build a bridge of compassion and love […]

Weekend Links- a Roundup of Kidlit Pinterest Boards I Love

Welcome to the first Weekend Links of November! Hard to believe Black Friday and all the related holiday shopping is just weeks away. I was just getting used to it transitioning from summer to fall 🙂 This week I wanted to share some of the places on Pinterest where go for booklist ideas and children’s […]