Using Kidlit to Acknowledge National Bullying Prevention Month

Can you believe this is the 10 year anniversary of the inception of National Bullying Prevention Month? National Bullying Prevention Month is a nationwide campaign founded in 2006 by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. The campaign is held during the month of October and unites communities around the world to educate and raise awareness of […]

A Happy 100th Birthday! A National Parks Booklist and More

Happy Birthday to our National Parks! 100 years ago on August 25th, the National Parks were created to preserve the unique and wild areas of this vast and beautiful country. Author Terry Tempest Williams says, “Our national parks are memory palaces where our personal histories reside.” No truer statement can be said as my family […]

Notable Women- Celebrating Nature with a Nicola Davies Booklist

****Some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may get a very small commission. This money goes towards postage and supplies to keep books and ideas in the hands of young readers! I’ve been having so much fun sharing my Notable Women series with readers here at JIAB! […]

14 Minecraft Books for Kids

**some of these links are affiliate links Last week we had some much fun digging into the Minecraft Lab book from John Miller and Chris Scott. So much so, I decided to roundup a Minecraft booklist just for the Minecraft fans in your life! Here are 14 Minecraft Books for Kids to inspire reading and creativity. […]

Notable Women- Author Pam Muñoz Ryan

I’ve been having some summer fun shining the spotlight on “notable women.” To me, notable women are women who have made a difference in this world due to their actions or talents. Last week I had fun sharing some American History with notable woman, Sybil Ludington thanks to my “head elf,” Becky. This week I […]

Weekend Links: Diverse Picture Books from around the World

Welcome to Weekend Links! This is my chance to share the best-of-the-best when it comes to books and booklists for young readers that I have discovered in my weekly online travels. As usual the Internet is buzzing with great facts, books and activities families can do surrounding the big beautiful world we all live in.  This weekend, […]

Weekend Links: Recaps and Round-ups of Summer Booklists

Happy Summer Solstice! Did anyone happen to see the Strawberry Moon? The “strawberry moon” is the first full moon we’ve had on Summer Solstice since 1948! It was truly spectacular. It’s hard to believe July is just around the corner too. Summer is flying by! Kids are loving being off of school and not having […]

Weekend Links: Summer Reading Booklists Inspired by Nature

Welcome to weekend links! The weather has been amazing here in my hometown and our whole family is looking forward to a summer filled with fun, sun and nature. With that in mind, I’ve discovered some wonderful reading booklists and activities that include “Nature-y” topics that I thought everyone might like. Enjoy! Honey Bee Activities […]

We’ve discovered Gravity! Gravity Booklist and Activities

It’s official summer has started here for us. I know some of you are still finishing up the school year and our friends down under are getting ready for winter break but us, we’re in the throes of summer and NO schedules. I love this time of year. I really do, I feel rested. This […]

Weekend Links: Kidlit Summer Reading Recommendations

If it hasn’t already, the school year is nearly over here in the States, the weather is warmer, and summer is nearly upon us. Wondering what to do with the kids over the summer break? The first answer I would give is to get ourside, explore, travel and spend quality time together! But another thing […]