19 Books Celebrating China with Author Demi

author Demi

I’ve long been a fan of author/illustrator Demi. Demi (September 2, 1942) born Charlotte Dumaresq Hunt, is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. During her career she has published over 300 titles. Demi is known for her biographies for spiritual figures including Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mary (mother of Jesus), Muhammad, Rumi, Francis of […]

A Look back at Past President’s Day Booklists and Activities!


“Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government. Traditionally celebrated on February 22—Washington’s actual day of birth—the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as […]

Love Abraham Lincoln? Here’s the Ultimate Abe Lincoln Booklist

Abe Lincoln booklist

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my favorite presidents. When I was 9 I became obsessed with him and read every book I could get my hands on. Many years later, I had the honor of giving birth to the sweetest little boy on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Today my sweet boy is 16, and […]

Weekend Links: Caldecott Winners Booklists and More


Each year the American Library Association honors books, videos, and other outstanding materials for children and teens. Recognized worldwide for the high quality they represent, the ALA Youth Media Awards, including the prestigious Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and Coretta Scott King Book Awards, guide parents, educators, librarians, and others in selecting the best materials for youth. […]

My Free Gift To YOU-Read Your World Multicultural Books Activities for Kids Guide


As a reading and play advocate, I am always looking for fun and innovative ways to shine the spotlight on new children’s literacy and inspire families to pull books off of shelves and stories off of pages. So early last year, I decided to create a fun guidebook to do just THAT. To create this […]

The “Best of ” Jump Into a Book’s Booklists (& More) for 2014!

Happy 2015! Doing “best of” lists seems to be all the rage these days so I thought, “Why should JIAB be any different?” We created some amazing bookjumps and book reviews on this site in 2014, had some awesome guest posts and shared a plethora of exciting news as well. Here are some of the […]

Snow Festival Day 6: A Snow Booklist


It’s been a great few days of Snow Festival fun here on Jump into a Book.  To finish I thought I’d share a few of our all time favorite books about snow. Hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves and have had a romping good snow filled time. 1. Blizzard by John Rocco 2. Snow by Uri Shulevitz […]

An Air of Mystery: Middle Reader Mystery Books & Activity Round-up


Lately, I have been in the mood for a good mystery and I also remember when my kids were growing up how much joy they got out of books like the Nancy Drew series and the Hardy Boys Mystery series. It seems to me that kidlit mystery books these days just keep getting better and […]

Want to teach your kids how to be kind ? A Kindness Booklist for Kids


I’ve always thought the best way to teach my kids to be kind is to be kind myself. While that’s a really good start, I can’t be with them all day long and life is filled with opportunities to be both kind and unkind. This got me thinking, what books are out there that teach […]

The Rainforest Booklist in honor of World Rainforest Week!

Rainforest book

This week we’re celebrating World Rainforest Week (Oct 12th – Oct 18th) with a Rainforest Booklist. Did you know that: Rain forests are important to our global ecosystem? Rain forests: Provide a home to many plants and animals. Help stabilize our world’s climate. Protect us against flood, drought, and erosion. Are a source for some […]