Writing Tips and Resources for Kids and Budding Authors

Young authors publishing books is becoming more and more frequent these days and it makes me VERY happy to see this. Jump Into a Book/Audrey Press’ own intern, Hannah Rials is a great example of this accomplishment. Hannah was actually 12 years old when she first started penning her YA thriller, Ascension, and achieved her […]

Harry Potter as Storytelling Camp Review

This summer my youngest son “O” walked the virtual hallowed halls of the University of New Hampshire while taking a Harry Potter as Storytelling on-line course with Professor Krasner. The minute I saw this advertised I signed him up for it as he is a huge Harry Potter fan. You must know that he was […]

It’s all in the Re-telling: Story Re-telling Activity for Young Readers

As many of you know, I am a great believer in reading aloud to children. But there is another skill which leads to their language development that doesn’t get discussed or encouraged as often as I’d like. It’s the skill of having your child re-tell the story back to you. This activity allows them to […]

Poems in Your Pocket & Reluctant Reader Tip # 2

  April is National Poetry Month and today, April 18th is Poem in your Pocket Day. Do you like secret little messages tucked into quiet little places like your pocket or lunch pail? My children love this and today we are sharing with classmates, friends, and neighbors alike a little rolled up poem to keep in […]

Accelerated Reader-Help or Hindrance?

  At Jump Into a Book we are dedicated to creating fun reading-based activities and adventures for children, families, and all who love books from “our” favorite children’s books. We strive to help children pull books off shelves and adventures off pages. But sometimes this involves asking hard questions, and today is no different. Today […]

5 Reasons to Read Picture Books to Your Kids

The first memories I have of reading includes the gentle cadence of my mother’s voice, the cuddles and character impersonations of my father. Over and over again I would choose the same books. Sometimes being read to and other times making up my own versions of the stories. As I became a parent to 3 […]

How to De-Germ and Clean Your Children’s Books

The weather has gotten cool, and with that,  the cold and flu season begins. I noticed all around us this week that there were a lot of sniffly kids, including a few in this house. While I was sitting in the library this week,  I noticed a lot of red eyed, stuffy nosed children looking […]

The Road Map To Summer Reading Success

  There is never a shortage of Summer Reading programs for kids once school ends. Many offer up graphs, charts, and prizes to motivate kids to read during the off- school months. Not that this is bad, just not all kids are motivated by a prize when it comes to reading. As a lifelong learner, […]

Book Nooks & Reading Spaces. Where Do You “Snuggle Up With a Book?”

  Sometimes …   …we see or read wonderful articles from fellow momprenuers and bloggers that inspire our own experiences and thoughts. I definitely had a “ooohhhhh…ahhhhhh” moment when I read a recent issue of Laurie Turk’s Tip Junkie about Creating Kids Book Nooks. Don’t you just want to crawl inside with a book? It […]

Slow Reading Family Style

There came a point in my family when I had 3 children with 3 separate activities on any given day. I was an educated chauffeur who lived most afternoons and early evenings in my car. As our dinner times became later and homework sessions took longer, our family reading time became shorter and shorter. One […]