MCBD Book Review Round-Up: Green Pants and Bronze and Sunflower

Another Multicultural Children’s Book Day has come and gone and again, I am happy to say the event was a huge success! Every year (for the last 4) on January 27th we celebrate all of the great diversity and multicultural Children’s books out there. I am a little late in getting these two reviews posted from […]

Discover, Discuss and WIN Multicultural Books at the MCBD2017 Twitter Party!

Please join us for our Multicultural Children’s Book Day Win 1 of 12 Book Bundles! Giving away Book Bundles every 6 minutes! Twitter Party Friday, January 27th 9 pm to 10 pm EST Hashtag: #ReadYourWorld We will be discussing the state of children’s book publishing and giving away diversity book bundles every six minutes! We […]

A Jump Into a Book Roundup of Native American Heritage Month reads

The month is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people. Heritage Month is also an opportune time to educate the general public about tribes, to raise a general awareness about the unique challenges Native people have faced both historically and in the […]

The Friendship Doll Review + Origami Friendship Doll Activity

From the author of Hattie Big Sky, Kirby Larson weaves a brilliant tale about a beautifully created Japanese doll, Miss Kanagawa in the book The Friendship Doll. Crafted by Master dollmaker Tatsuhiko, Miss Kanagawa was commissioned to be an ambassador of friendship between Japan and the United States. This part of the story is actually […]

Naked Birds? Feathers for Peacock by Jacqueline Jules

Feathers for Peacock by Jacqueline Jules book review and Extension Activities Did you know that birds used to not have feathers? They used to be naked, while all the other animals got to walk around with fur–how is that fair? So they decide to talk to the full moon, who is supposed to be wise […]

The Conference of the Birds review and a look at Sufi Poetry

This month I seem to have an unintentional “bird book-theme” going on! But, I really like it. Birds are both beautiful and mysterious and are often rooted in many legends and children’s fables. But some, like Moonbird, are just fascinating in their normal state. Recently I review Jacqueline Jules’ new book Feathers for Peacock; an […]

Weekend Links: Bite-Sized Reading Tricks That Keep Kids Inspired

Welcome to Weekend Links! This is my favorite part of the week because I get to share the goodies, finds and resources that I have discovered over the course of the week during my online travels. This week, I want to focus on a unique idea when it comes to reading; simplify. Simplify as in; […]

11 Cool Reads about Antarctica: A Read Your World Antarctica Booklist

One of the continents that has most intrigued me is Antarctica. A whole land shelf of ice. What lives there? How does one survive there ? Do they have any seasons? All of these questions I’ve asked myself for my entire life. Then come the explorations and discoveries. Though few have made it to Antarctica, […]

Whose Hands are These by Miranda Paul {+Helping Hand Activities!}

All kids have a dream of “being like Big People” and Miranda Paul’s charming book Whose Hands are These are planting the seeds of all the helpful things that a child could be. If your hands can mix and mash, what job might you have? What if your hands reach, wrench, yank, and crank? The […]

How Quick Are You? Quicker than The Quickest Kid in Clarksville?

Are you the quickest, fastest person you know? If not who is? Is there someone faster than you? I’m not trying to give you a complex or anything, we just have to get in the right headspace when we talk about Wilma Rudolph, three-time Olympic Gold medalist. The Quickest Kid in Clarksville written by Pat Zietlow […]