Stargazing & Astronomy Booklist for the whole family

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stargazing booklist

We can hardly wait and night sky preparations are at hand. It’s considered the best night time show of the year !!!!

From Earth Sky:

“From late night on Tuesday, August 11th till dawn on Wednesday, August 12th, a decent sprinkling of Perseid meteors may adorn this summer night, despite the pesky moon. Lie back and watch meteors until dawn’s light washes the stars, moon, and planets from the sky.”

Want to get the best results? Find the constellation Perseus. All of the meteors will come from there. To help you out we’ve compiled a space book list. I want to mention that this list is a general astronomy/  night sky watching list. Specific items, such as the moon will have a list of their very own in an upcoming post.

 Sky watching Book list

  • Dk Space Encyclopedia  DK Space Encyclopedia. This book has been read much in our family. We have spent countless hours pouring over the beautiful photos from the Hubble telescope. The text is difficult for children to understand but is an interesting read for us adults.
  • The stars The Stars by H.A.Rey This is one of my all time favorite books because it combines art with science. Easy to carry with us when we are out stargazing and meaningful as in a child can read it and manage the information.
  • Find the constellations Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey Another classic by the author of curious George. This book also has clear text and drawings but the information is a little bit more difficult to understand for the child learner. It’s a great book to share between children and adults.
  • Night Watch Night Watch: A practical guide to viewing the Universe by Terence Dickinson. This is one of the best books out there for the beginning astronomer. This book has very clear charts and instructions for looking at the night sky through the seasons. It also gives very relevant information about what one can see with the naked eye. The goal is to discover and enjoy the night sky with or without a telescope.
  • Kids book of the night sky Kids book of the Night Sky by Ann Love, Jane Drake, and Heather Collins. As with all the family fun guides, this one uses a combination of clear texts, myths & legends, jokes and activities.  Many wonders of the night sky are brought to life and lead to inspired learning.  This book excites young people to embrace their curiosity about the world and sky around them. 
  • JacketA child’s Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations– and How you can find them in the sky by Michael Driscoll  This book has beautiful and detailed illustrations showing sky maps, and constellations. It also introduces the science of physics behind the astronomy, as well as, the scientists who have developed the science of astronomy. Part history lesson,part story,part art and science. This is a lovely addition to any library.
  • Astronomy for every kid Astronomy for Every Kid by Janice Van Cleave. From the Back Cover:
    Why do planets spin? How hot is the Sun? What keeps the Moon in orbit around the Earth? What are Saturn’s rings made of? What’s a black hole in space? Now you can discover the answers to these and other fascinating questions about basic astronomy. In Astronomy for Every Kid you’ll learn about the constellations using a shoe box planetarium. You’ll chart the movement of the stars with nothing but a string, a marker, and a nail. And you’ll use a toy magnet to simulate the Earth’s protective force field. Each of the 101 experiments is broken down into its purpose, a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, expected results, and an easy to understand explanation. Every activity has been pre-tested and can be performed safely and inexpensively in the classroom or at home. Also available in this series from Janice Van Cleave: Biology for Every Kid Chemistry for Every Kid Dinosaurs for Every Kid Earth Science for Every Kid Geography for Every Kid Geometry for Every Kid The Human Body for Every Kid Math for Every Kid Physics for Every Kid
  • Wishing on a starWishing on a Star: Constellation stories and stargazing Activities for Kids. By Fran Lee. This wonderful book invites young readers to learn the story of the stars by becoming involved with them not only through viewing the night sky, but by celebrating the stars through the many and varied activities included in this book.
  • EyewitnessEyewitness: Astronomy by Kristen Lippincott  This is a wonderful book for ages 9/10 and up. It is a very detailed look at space with short bits of information on two pages for each topic. Lovely photos keep the curiosity looming for those who love space.
  • Everything kids Everything Kids Astronomy Book by Kathi Wagner For age 9-12, this book takes the reader on a journey to becoming a bona fide astronomer. Want to know how the galaxies are formed? Want to know how to turn you room into a small version of the universe? or build a night watching kit? This is the book for you.

As with all of our book lists, this one is just a sampling of some of the books we have on our shelves or we have checked out from the library. Have a book you want to share? Just leave us a comment. We love to hear about your favorite books. 🙂

Enjoy the meteor shower. Let us know what you think!