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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie Day

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Well I avoided this movie so much. I just adore the book and we read it often. There was no way , in my mind, that they could make a movie that was better than the book. After putting off going to the movie for so long, it finally rained, and then I had no more excuses or choices. Into the car we hurdled,bought our popcorn and drinks, found cuddly seats, and we were off to the movies.

Boy was I wrong. The movie totally captived me in it's own movie like way. We felt connected to the characters. My favorite was the dad and his doubting ways. In the end he too is a believer, in his son and in this movie. This is not to be missed, so go find your favorite kid or your favorite kid at heart and spend an hour and 20 minutes with food weather.

Here's a sneak peak to entice you……….