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The Unfinished Angel By Sharon Creech Book Review and Activity

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Unfinished angel

As usual, the most amazing and endearing Sharon Creech has published yet another great book, this one called The Unfinished Angel. Who would have thought that an angel wouldn’t really know if they were doing their job correctly? Coming to the aid of this misfit angel  in the ancient stone tower of Casa Rosa,an American girl  named Zola knows exactly what this confused angel should be doing…..and that’s helping people.

Over many years the neighbors of this Swiss village have been enemies,children have been lost, and in the end everyone wakes up to their lives to realize that everyone can do something to help the other.

I just love the way the angel speaks with an Italian accent. It makes for really good reading aloud.

(From the book The Unfinished Angel)

Peoples are strange!

The things they are doing and saying—sometimes they make no sense. Did their brains fall out of their heads? And why so much saying, so much talking all the time day and night, all those words spilling out of those mouths? Why so much? Why don’t they be quiet?

This is a hilarious and endearing quick read that reminds us that the simple kindness of everyday comes from each one of us.

Something To Do: Family or Neighbor Swap Meet

Do you have clothes that you aren’t needing anymore or that still have store tags on them? Do you have children’s clothes that don’t fit or that you don’t need? What about baby items? Is your DVD collection bulging at the seams? Books you would like to trade? Cooking items,tools etc…. If there is a resounding yes to many of these questions ….then it’s time for a swap meet.

Having a swap meet is a great way to clean out your closets,garage, attic, or any other cluttered areas in your home. A swap party is the perfect way to get rid of some of those things you don’t use anymore,get some new things you may need, help the environment by reusing, and doing all of this without spending a dime.

Why not make a mini-party out of it by having everyone bring something to eat and drink? This is a great way to catch up with neighbors,family, and friends.


Just remember the After Swap. You will want to have everyone take back those items that didn’t swap or call your local charity such as Goodwill,Salvation Army,Veterans of Foreign Wars, Habitat , to come and pick up the left-overs. Many of these charities have scheduled pick-up days.


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