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Author Astrid Lindgren’s House in Sweden

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Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting the childhood home of Astrid Lindgren in Sweden. Getting to see where the author of Pippi Longstockings, Mio my Mio, and the Brother’s Lionheart, lived and grew up was almost verging on a pilgrimage for me.

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The center and heart of Astrid Lindgren’s world was the re hhue in Näs at Vimmerby, Småland,Sweden. Here, she was born in 1907. She grew up the daughter of a Rectory tenant, and lived with her parents, brothers and sisters, as well as, many many friends.

“The best thing about my childhood was that we enjoyed just the right amount of safety and freedom”, Astrid said.”The safety cam from being surrounded by settled and confident adults: mother, father, farmhands, maids, cowherds, and female helpers. There was always someone around.


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But the children also enjoyed a great deal of freedom, since the adults were very busy with their own jobs and chores on the farm. They couldn’t keep their eyes on the children all the time.

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This farm along with the village of Vimmerby were a great resource of inspiration for the books “children of the Noisy Billage”, and “The Noisy Village Christmas.” In these books Astrid describes the kind of childhood which she had but she writes from the child’s perspective and not from an adult’s point of view. There was a life governed by play and imagination, a place which we all would love to return to. I know for myself I try to create many enchanting and memorable moments for my children to hold onto. Astrid said,” Inside, I will always be a country girl from Vimmerby”. “I write for my inner child”.  And ours too luckily.


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On her family farm in Vimmerby, Astrid climbed in the “lemonade tree”,

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Played with her brothers and sisters jumping into piles of hay in the barn

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and listened to stories told by Kristin in the garden and the kitchen.

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Welcome to Näs at Vimmerby.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!! My daughter was enthralled to see her childhood home. Astrid Lindgren is one of our most favorite authors ~ we adored The Children of Noisy Village, Pipi, and Tomten books immensely =0)

  2. Hi Colette. Thank you so much for stopping by. I too was enthralled to be at her home. It was truly a magical moment. Her stories just touch the heart. 🙂

  3. You are so lucky to have visited here! We adore Astrid Lindgren. Have you read Seacrow Island? Don’t you love Happy Times in Noisy Village? My daughter loved the one about the boy spy.

  4. You know, I am embarrassed that I have not been here sooner….. I just showed the elephant tree to my little Sophie and she of course loves it! What a beautiful place to visit!

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