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The Complete Book of Flower Fairies Review (and a fairy garden tutorial!)

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The Complete Book of Flower Fairies Review (and a fairy garden and fairy house tutorial)

When my oldest was 7 she was given a gift which has forever been a staple in this house when it comes to fairies.

The complete book of flower fairies

This lovely book by Cicely Mary Barker enchants the mind and the senses with the thought that there are fairies in our flowers and gardens. These gentle and lovely illustrations not only depicts the beauty of our flowers in the garden but were our launching pad for believing in fairies and all that ensued.

Next came fairy food and cooking, fairy dolls and cloths, looking for fairy rings and finally building fairy houses and villages.


Lavender Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

When we moved to our house, we discovered that our garden was magical. Our first find was our fairy ring and the tree it sits under. Many a child has caught a glimpse of flapping fairy wings. Would you like to see? It only takes believing to see a fairy and then there is the concrete proof. You see, our magic garden has foxes and everyone knows that where foxes roam there lives gnomes and above all else fairies.
Something To Do Book Review: How to Build A Fairy Garden



With springtime here the fairies have left their winter village and the protection of the fairy ring to build their summer camp out amongst the flowers and trees.


Fairies feel happy when there are children in the garden. They know that there will be many willing hands to help build their summer cottages and camp.

First gather a collection of

  • Sticks
  • leaves from the trees in your garden
  • little handfuls of beautiful flowers
  • pine needles
  • raffia twine
  • small stones for walkways


Building a gravel field helps to set the sticks into place. Once your stick structure is built, place leaves to build the walls. You can also build walls out of the sticks themselves.



Knowing that the fairies love to play games, “O” has built a colliseum to house this summer’s games.

Once completed the thought of food comes to mind. Maybe they would like a kitchen too he thought.

Not long after building such a fine cook house,and only turning his back for a moment, he found it was already complete with everything ready to cook with. Clearly, the fairies liked their new summer camp.


After a long morning of building, the Royal Fairy Tree was summoning.

Inside, past the guarding oaks at the entrance of the tree, live the Spring  fairy king and queen. Have they awoken from their long winters nap?

On this day there has been no sign of them. But little “O” is tired and while he lies on his back to watch the clouds he falls asleep.

Was he dreaming of the fairies? Did he hear their songs and laughter? Did he feel the beating of their wings?


It wasn’t a dream. When he woke up the fairies had built their first summer cottage. Complete with the most beautiful flowers. It is spring again and all is coming alive. Our fairies are out and loving spring.

Look at the flowers and believe that there could be a fairy or two there. Why not build a house and village of your very own? I know you can build the most beautiful place.


I would love to see what you’ve created. Please leave a link to your fairy house and/or village in the comments or upload a photo to our flickr page.



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