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The Waldorf Connection Home School Expo

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In the spring I had the extreme pleasure of listening in on this wonderful series about teaching and nurturing the complete child over at The Waldorf Connection. The owner, Donna Ashton, brought so many of the pioneers of current Waldorf education as speakers and I learned so much and felt so inspired.

When I heard that Donna was doing the Home School Expo, I asked if Jump Into A Book could be a sponsor. I believe so throughly in the resources she is providing. Whether you homeschool,unschool, or bricks n mortar school, the quest is the same and that is to nurture and inspire our children to be life learners and to be productive citizens. Donna is creating an incredible community of people who have questions that need answers and they support one another. Donna brings speakers who have had the same questions themselves and sought out the solutions and if they didn't have them, they created them.

It starts tonight with "Grade Decisions-What level is my child ready for?" Given by Rainbow Rosenbloom. Oh, here's the great part. It's free to listen in. Just go here. Be sure to check out the expo room for some great, great, vendors.

The Expo starts today and runs through June 29th.

Donna stopped by a mutual friend,Linda of Natural Suburbia, last week and this is what she had to say.

When I found the Waldorf method 4 years ago, I knew it was what I wanted for my family. I
gathered as much information as I could find through books and online websites.But, I still had so many questions and wanted specific things explained. Wet-on-wet painting was such an issue with me, that for 2 years I didn't even try it! I kept wondering, "Was I doing this right?" As I looked ahead to the upcoming grades, I knew I needed some help. I couldn't be the only one wanting more! So, that was how The Waldorf Connection began. So far, I have had such an overwhelming response, and many parents thanking me, it is very satisfying.

I created the Waldorf Connection to be exactly that- a place where homeschooling families can connect to teachers and experts in the Waldorf field. My goal- to bring concrete information to help parents understand the Waldorf concepts and to support the family-run Waldorf entrepreneurs.

The Homeschool Expo was designed after a regular Homeschool expo, but online. I am hosting 15+ workshops on planning, grade overviews, parenting, rhythm, multiple-age homeschooling, rites of passage, music and more! Are you wondering which curriculum to choose for next year? Come listen to your favorite speaker and see what they offer before you buy. Peruse our Vendor Room with online store displaying their books, supplies, curriculums, toys, etc. Registration and all workshops are *free*. Just sign-up at