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The New Edition of Rhythm of the Home

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Today is the day,… the new edition of  Rhythm of the Home is out today. This issue is completely incredible. It is chalked full of creative moments to have and share with your families. About a week before the new edition comes out I start getting just plain giddy. It is a completely magical moment of discovering what other blogging friends have contributed and what their view of a created life looks like. Once again, I've had the great occasion to contribute to this edition as well. Writing for Rhythm of the Home is just as powerful  as discovering the treasures in the new issue. The process always starts out the same and then inspiration takes over and the chosen idea takes on a life of it's own. The kids and I make a big list of all the potential things we would like to share with our reading friends. Slowly, we cut the list down to just three choices and from this, the project becomes an article in Rhythm of the Home.

Once we know what we are writing about, many happy moments are collected and shared as we prepare for the photo shoot. In just a short time, writing for ROTH has become a family celebration of capturing the moments that completey inspire our lives and imaginations here in the hills of The Smoky Mountains.



In this edition we share one of the most amazing evenings we've ever had, and that's the one we shared with a bunch of fairies weaving an invisible cloak. At the end of it all they left us with a gift for us to share with all of you. Please come and join us as we have some fairy fun of our very own.


 Bernadette,Heather, and Julia have brought these projects, recipes, and thoughtful moments to life via their creative eyes and heartfelt intentions. To them, I give much thanks.


Please join us in reading and celebrating the third edition of Rhythm of the Home. May your summer days be filled with much joy, crafting, and creative living.  Oh I almost forgot…..Rhythm of the Home Blog is having a huge giveaway. Good luck.