Summer Reading Book Adventures

Treasure Island Day 1: How to Be a Pirate

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Let the Adventure Begin~

For a few weeks now we’ve been anticipating our Summer Reading Adventures.

It is time to jump into the pages of Treasure Island.  Young Jim starts us off by saying,”A great number of people have asked me to write down the whole story of Treasure Island, and that I shall do.”

As long as people have sailed the oceans on trade routes, there have been pirates. The period that the pirates were most successful and “famous” were between 1700 and 1730 in the Caribbean. The reason being, that the war of the Spanish had ended. The pirates wanted to claim and control the area for themselves. It’s during this time that “Treasure Island” takes place.

By the end of this week, you will be able to write about your own adventures on Treasure Island. First things first though. I think we need a course on how to be a pirate and that is what today is dedicated to.

You can see all of the activities under the subject heading “Pirate Wear”. I’ve also put separate pdf’s under each heading so you can down-load exactly what you want, when you want it. Enjoy!

Pirate Wear:Download Pirate Wear

DSC_0123 - Copy

Tri-Corner Hat:Download Tri-Corner Hat


Eye-Patch:Download Eye Patch

Download Hook+%26+eye+patch


Head-Scarf:Download Head Scarf Tie

Backside headscarf

Hooked Hand:
Download Hooked Hand

Download Hook+%26+eye+patch 

Sweet boy pirate
Dagger/Sword and Sheath:

You wouldn’t be a pirate without a sword and dagger. Here is our version of a dagger which you can use and not bring injury to anyone or anything.

Pirate Names:Download Pirate Names

Defending the ship

Pirate Speak:Download Pirate Speak


Dagger and Sheath:Download Dagger and Sheath 

Pattern: Download Sword%20%20Sheath-2