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Treasure Island Day 4: Let’s Get Moving

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After a fine meal, I’m sure you’re ready to get moving and play some fantastic pirate games. First though we must abide by the Pirate’s Code Of Conduct.

painting of Sir Henry Morgan 

 Pirate’s Code Of Conduct

What follows is the strict and solemn code of the crew and of the good ship.

{Rule 1} Everyone must obey the commands of the captain.

{Rule 2 } Everyone shall have a share of any treasure, but for every piece of gold a member of the crew is given, The captain will be given one and a half.

{Rule 3} If any one steals or gambles, they will be marooned, with only a bottle of water and a foam dagger.

{Rule 4} Anyone who encourages a new pirate to join the crew, without everyone else’s agrement, will suffer whatever punishment the captin and the crew think fit.

{Rule 5} Anyone that strikes another crew member while these rules are in force, shall recieve punishment as the captian sees fit.

{Rule 6} Anyone that raises their weapon when not in battle, or leaves a lighted candle unguarded, will suffer the same punishment as in rul # 5.

{Rule 7} Anyone that doesn’t keep their weapons clean, or in any other way is not ready for action, will not receive their share of any treasure, and will suffer what further punishment the captian and the crew think fit.

{Rule 8} If anyone loses a finger or toe in battle, they shall be given 400 pieces of eight, and if they lose and arm or a leg they shall have 800 pieces of eight.

The above code of conduct was a true and valid document signed and witnessed by one of the greatest and most notorious pirates ever, Sir Henry Morgan, loyal sea raven both. Everything in it is true except the foam dagger part.


Captain’s Revenge:  A game of chance. Download Captain’s revenge


Pirate Catapult: Toss water ballons with your feet to defend the ship. Download Pirate Cannonball Catapult


Kaboom or All Mates on Deck

Mutiny the Captain: Here is some water hose fun. Download Mutiny the Captain

Hose girls

Treasure Hunt: Download A Book Swap Treasure Hunt

Hand drawn treasure map

Swashbuckling Sword Moves:


One of my favorite pirates shows us some dashing sword moves of his very own. We used foam swords which are firm enough for sparring and soft enough so no one gets hurt. Below are a series of instructive, short videos on the art of sword play.

Blade Storm Directive:

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  1. I’ve been remiss in having the kids participate each day, but finally, today, they’re back on track! We finished the book and now we’re onward, ho, to some swashbuckling.
    Thanks for doing this!

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