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Just Like Percy Jackson…….We’re back!!!

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Greetings Friends,

This was the longest blogging break I've ever taken. We missed some book-jumping deadlines and I'm very sorry for that. Many unexpected things happened over the last month which prevented me from writing on my favorite book blog.

Instead of trying to play catch-up, I'm just going to start from where we are and that's right here, right now.

Thurssday of next week I will start posting the Heidi book jump and shortly behind that I will post the Swiss Family Robinson.

I hope you have had a good summer reading some great classics. Along with our three book adventures, we found ourselves staying up late many nights devouring Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson Series.


(Please excuse the fact that I only have two of the five books photographed. The other three are out being read.) 

I have a confession to make……..I've never really liked Greek Myths. I've found them confusing and the parts I could understand I found just plain violent and unkind. When I first started seeing Percy Jackson on every bookstore shelf, and then read it was about Greek Myths, I quickly put it down again. And the book stayed on the shelves until the family rule kicked in, which says,……"you can't see a movie based on a book until you've read the book."

The Percy Jackson movie came and went. This summer it came out on DVD, so we went to our local library and checked out book one so we could watch the movie on netflix.  I decided to read it first and I pulled an all nighter. Passing this gem of a book onto "O", he read it everywhere we went. He couldn't even partake in conversations.

IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0032

With this I made a major decision and that was to buy the whole series and bring it on vacation with us. Five books in a suitcase to Sweden. Best idea I ever had. We spent many midnight sun evenings reading aloud to one another. We had many discussions about if demi-gods really exist and did we know any? Can a ballpoint pen really become a sword? and many other riveting questions.

Capture the flag 2

These books read flawlessly and brings to life these dust gathering ancient myths in a fashion that is believable. So often within these stories I could see my own 11 year old boy and his friends. In fact I'm sure that if Percy Jackson lived anywhere near us he would be a dear friend. You know what? He is a dear friend, only a friend who lives on a book shelf and in our hearts and minds.

Percy Jackson and Friends
(photo courtesy of percy jackson and the olympians)

I could give you a detailed account of the 5 books but I won't. These are treasures that need to be discovered.Just know there is much adventure to be had and many new friends to make, both old and new. So get going !  Oh but before you do I think we need to review the rules to capture the flag. You willl need this on your adventure. These are just the basics, how to fight a minotaur you will have to learn on your own or take a couple of tips from Percy.

Something To Do: Capture the Flag


(Photo by geo-caching

The Setup:

  • Divide into two groups with three or more people in each group.
  • Make territories for each team. Make sure your border markings are clear and understood by all.
  • Each team will need to have a flag.
  • Make a "jail" area for each team.

The Game:

  • First each team will need to hid their flag. It must be visible from 20 yards away.
  • Within each team, divide into attacker and defender groups. These rolls can switch jobs as needed during the game.
  • If you are an attacker, your job is to sneak across the border of the other team, find and capture the other teams flag, and then race back without being caught.
  • If you are a defender, you will need to hide around your flag area and around the borders of your territory to intercept and catch any opposing players who are sneaking across.
  • You can capture members of the opposite team by tagging them while they are inside your borders. This will send them immediately to jail.
  • You win the game by capturing the other teams flag and carrying it back to your side of the border.


  • Put tagged and captured opponents in the "jail" by gently placing them inside the jail border.
  • You can rescue teammates by sneaking across the border, finding the jail, tagging your teammate, and then racing back across the border.
  • You can recapture players by tagging them again before they reach the border.


  • Avoid hiding the flag in a very good hiding place. Put it in an open spot where no one will expect it.
  • Captured players must obey the orders of their opponents. There is no yelling information back to your team. This will render you sitting out the rest of the game.
  • Once the flag is hidden it cannot be removed or re-hidden.
  • Once the flag is captured you have to carry it across your border not throw it across your border.
  • Standing next to the flag to guard it is just unfair. Agree to not post a guard within 10 feet of the flag. Remember defenders should be hiding and hidden until they have to defend their flag.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. No high heels here.
  • If you have enough people, make three teams with three flags. It makes it more complicated and the game last longer.
  • Avoid areas which have broken glass, sharp objects, cliffs, or other things that can end up hurting people.

Have Fun!