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Meet Donna and a Great Giveaway

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This past Spring I was introduced to the wonderful programs at The Waldorf Connection. Donna Ashton is the creator and owner of the Waldorf Connection where she brings some of the best in Waldorf Education to teach and share their knowledge. I wanted to know more about this homeschooling mother of twins and so I've invited her to share a little bit about herself, her family, and what's new this Autumn over at the Waldorf Connection.

Please welcome Donna Ashton. Be sure to check out the generous GIVEAWAY that Donna has generously offered to one lucky reader.


Welcome Donna….

First, tell us a little about yourself.

I have been married 19 years (yikes!) to a wonderful man who is my best friend. The birth of my twin daughters began a transformation for me spiritually and emotionally that I am growing into.   They have already taught me so much and in turn, I am passing on my knowledge of homeschooling using Waldorf-inspired methods. 

In my “past life” I was a supervisor at a telecommunications company, an office manager, and in my days out of college, I was a visual merchandiser (a fancy name for one who does the window displays at a clothing store).  I grew up expecting to become a singer. (Haven’t totally given up on yet!) I am a Master Gardener; I love herbs and flowers and working in the garden.

Until a few years ago I couldn’t cook or bake a thing. Now, I love baking and my girls are great cooks at age 8.  I am creative in a lot of ways, but not mechanical. (Have a handy-man hubby for all of that)

I hope to grow my service business to reach many families and down the line publish a few children’s books.


       When and how did you first discover Waldorf? 


  Well, you can hear about this in an upcoming workshop (nov.) but I will tell you it was by accident! I was reading a book that mentioned Waldorf a few times, so I checked it out and that was that!  My girls were about 3 ½ at the time.


 What is it about Waldorf that felt right to you? 


 Everything! It was like all the things I was already doing for my girls finally had a name. The gentle way the education unfolds, the beauty of the creative expressions, the simple toys and nature exploration. It all resonated with me.


   When did you decide to home school? 

   I had thought about it a few times and as Lily & Brooke turned 4, it was decided they would not continue on in preschool (They had attended a 3 days a week morning group) I was going to be the teacher!

What has been your biggest challenge as a Waldorf home schooling mom?


     Understanding the concepts behind the wonderful curriculum and being able to bring them to my children. Trying not to feel isolated by finding others in my “tribe” who understand what I am doing.

  What brought you to creating the Waldorf Connection?


      I thought, I can’t be the only one who needs help! This became an outlet to help me and many others, as well as, mom’s who make their living providing Waldorf-inspired curricula, crafts, etc.

    What programs is the Waldorf Connection offering this season?

We are kicking off in October with an intensive early childhood Telecourse.  This is a bit different than the Teleseminars we have done in the past. It is an intimate, interactive workshop that goes into the 5 keys of raising a happy child & creating a peaceful home. We are limiting the number of people, so if this sounds of interest, have a look here.

November is a Fall Mini-series in our old format, free calls and free 48-replays!    6 great workshops including form drawing, Waldorf basics,  and the 9-yr change. Register at

On Thursday Donna is hosting a free call " 3 Ways to Create a Nourishing Home for your Child", with (3) Waldorf Early Childhood teachers to give you a few "behind-the-scenes" inspirations you can take back and implement right away!

This is a bit different then previous. You MUST register at this link  http://waldorfhomeschoolingassociation.comto receive the "back stage pass".

Donna, thanks so much for sharing a little bit about yourself.
You can follow Donna on her homeschool blog at School for all Seasons.
 Donna is giving away Carrie Dendtler's workshop on "The First 7 Year Cycle."
Carrie is such a brillant teacher and has so much to share.
To win just leave a comment. Contest ends tomorrow morningg  8 AM. and then we'll announce the winner.
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