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Fairy Houses

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Hello friends. We have been out and about travelling all over and settling into our school year. Along with this we have been reading a ton of great books which we just have to share with you. Today, however, I'm going to start everything off with a little story of my own.

When my girls were little we use to watch this movie called Kirsten's Fairy House. Oh how they would watch this and then go up into our own garden and create a fairy garden just like Kirsten.

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By the time their little brother came along they were master fairy house builders. One of the first books they read to this little fellow was Tracey Kane's " Fairy Houses."

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Countless hours were spent gathering little pebbles, sticks in all sizes, and a variety of leaves,nuts, and flowers, depending on the season. When we would travel, we would bring back sea shells and mosses, anything that would enhance our fairy houses.

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Our girls grew up and went off to college and their little brother has become a master builder in his own right. While travelling to Maine a couple of weeks ago, this boy met his dream and that was to find a fairy forest.

Mackworth Island provided the perfecct place to do this.


As far as the eye could see there were fairy houses. Each house a testament to it's builder.




Our boy had to leave his own mark on this enchanted place. Gathering stones, bark, sticks,shells, and leaves he built the most beautiful place for a wonderful fairy family.






If you are in Maine  here are some places to go and visit as well as build fairy houses:

Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

Mohegan Island

Mackworth Island

The world is now building fairy houses as well. Have a look here to see photos of fairy house festivals as well as get some ideas of your own. 

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I hope you've been inspired to go and build some fairy houses of your very own.

Why not start where we did, in your own backyard?

Find a quiet place away from roads and busy areas such as much travelled walking paths and trails. The base of trees is a very popular place, as well as leaning sticks and logs, drift wood or tree trunks. Large boulders or stones also make nice places to build your fairy houses.

Sticks, rocks, pebbles, moss, leaves, vines, flowers, nuts, pinecones,pine needles, small bush clippings, sea shells, and seaweed all make great building materials. As long as it's natural it's perfect for fairies and other friends of nature.

Once your finished please let us have a look by uploading it to our flickr page. I look forward to seeing them.


5 thoughts on “Fairy Houses

  1. Your fairy houses look beautiful! Spring here in Australia – the perfect time to make fairy houses – thanks for the inspiration. What age group would you recommend for ‘Fairy Houses’? My daughter is four and is beginning to enjoy all things fairy. We have a couple of fairy books, but you do have to search hard to find the gems!

  2. Greetings. Thank you for your kind words about our fairy houses. As you are going in Spring, Autumn has knocked on our door with Winter on it’s heels. There isn’t an age to building a fairy house. I’ve seen many babies on their momma’s back enjoying fairy house building. Four is such a fun age. They love to gather and help with the whole activity. Fairies are really big over here. I’ll pick a few and make a list here on the blog. One of my favorite stories though is a great book that kids love to listen to it’s called “The House above the Trees” by Ethel Cook Eliot. Enjoy your fairy house building and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I just found Kristen’s Fairy House (DVD) and the Fairy Houses book plus others by the same author, at The Book Depository (great price and free shipping anywhere in the world!!). Have ordered them for my daughter who is 4 years old and obsessed with the idea of building a fairy house. We’ve been collecting sticks and leaves, shells, feathers, you name it… we’re going to try gluing it all to a round slice of tree trunk to make it more permanent and portable. Hope it’s as lovely as the fairy house forest dwellings about!

  4. Hi Amber! I’m so glad you could find the books and DVD. They are just wonderful. Have a great time making your fairy houses. I just know they’ll be wonderful. I wanted to let you know that the author Tracy Kane has a wonderful website complete with a fairy house club. We enjoy it so much. You can find it here. Take care.

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