Elements of Early Childhood

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Waldorf Connection

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the Waldorf Connection is having a new course which starts tomorrow called,”The Elements of Early Childhood.” I’m so excited about this course and the support it can bring to those of us with small children in our homes.

The “Elements of Early Childhood” 5-week course is starting this Thursday, Feb. 10. That means you still have time to enroll!

Let me tell you a bit about The Waldorf Connections, “Elements of Early Childhood course. It was created especially for moms, parents & early childhood educators who are ready to get the back-stage pass into Early Childhood and start experiencing the wonders of Waldorf without the struggles.

(In a hurry? Grab your seat here: )

You’ll learn in-depth “behind-the-scenes”information from Waldorf Early childhood teachers like Rahima Baldwin Dancy, Sharifa Oppenheimer, & Patricia Rubano. Led by Carrie Dendtler of The Parenting Passageway, here are foundational concepts you will come away with:

*Raise your confidence by knowing your child is just where they need to be and how you can create the optimal environment

*Create smoother daily rhythms and transitions throughout the day

*Discover realistic expectations of your child’s age and stage that can take you off the hook

*Strengthen your bond and communication skills with your child with less talking

*Easily foster creativity through music, stories and movement, and puppetry

*Learn why play is the foundation for learning and how inspire creative play

*Receive the support you need at this time to grow within yourself as a mom and parent

Here is the link to get all the details and see the success stories from past participants. :

This invaluable training could be just what you have been looking for to bring harmony and rhythm to your daily routine.
This is a thorough, interactive training where you will be guided by your own Waldorf coach for 5 weeks, so take advantage of this! All calls are recorded so you can listen again and again, as well as you will receive the CD/Notebook shipped to your door.

Thanks again to Donna Ashton for bringing us such wonderful and supportive programs. Hoping to see you there.