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Fathers Who Write Bedtime Stories: The Dark Hills Divide

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At the dinner table the other night, my 12 yr old son asked me two questions: Are there any books that have a 12 yr old  heroine and are there any dad’s who have published a book written for their kids? Immediately the Elyon Series by Patrick Carman came to mind. Patrick Carman began The Dark Hills Divide as a weekly serial to be told at night to his two daughters. As luck has it, the heroine in the story is none other than 12 yr old Alexa Dailey.

She has always loved the summers she spends in Bridwell with her father. Alexa loves to explore the old lodge wandering through its secret passages. She spends much of her time in the library pouring over books. In one of them, she finds a map to a maze underneath the city which led her to the otherside of the wall around Bridwell. What lies beyond the walls of Bridwell? it is said that there is  evil which lurks among the forest and the Dark Hills, This is an evil darkness which terrifies the townspeople. It scares them enough to build walls around and inbetween their cities.

Once Alex secretly reaches the otherside of the wall with help from her little guide Yipes, she discovers an enchantingly strange world, where animals speak, adn the people are quite small. Infact we could call them tiny. As she continues on her journey with a wolf name Darius, Alexa uncovers her inner hidden powers held with a Jacosta. Along her path she uncovers a danger that could completely destroy the Land of Elyon and Bridwell forever.

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  1. They’re wonderful. He writes many types of books and I think your boys would love his Atherton, The 39 clues and skeleton Creek series. Let me know what they choose. Be well and happy reading.

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