Reluctant Reader Tip #3: The Cereal Box is your Best Ally

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Every morning I greet my waking children with a good-morning , how do you do, as they make their way to the kitchen table.

Carefully placed are the cereal boxes in the middle of the table, bowls and spoons at each persons place, and a jug of milk. We are a cereal loving family, no doubt about that.

If you were a fly on a wall you would notice how each kid grabs a cereal box to read the back as they're eating their breakfast. It was right at that moment when I had a reluctant reader that I thought, "Why should I give this great reading opportunity to a bunch of advertising on the back of a cereal box?"

And that my reading friends is when "Cereal Box Trivia" was born. Pulling all sorts of resources from my shelves such as Trivia books, jokes, magic tricks, brain teasers, and riddles. One of my favorite books for this purpose is "Every Minute On Earth: Fun facts that happen every 60 seconds" by Steve and Mathew Murrie, illustrated by Mary Anne Lloyd.

Inside are one page snippets about what's happening on earth right now. They've chosen really fun categories such as: Earth, Space, The Human Body, Technology, Animals, Food, Pop Culture, and Sports.

I photo-copy one page for each cereal box. Line up your cereal boxes.

Place a trivia page on each box.

And Voila, you and your children are in for some fine morning reading.

Please note that I copy trivia pages on both sides of the paper to reduce paper waste. Oh and what about my reluctant reader? Was there any reading going on?……Happily the answer to that is a big fat YES!


Time for kids Big Book of Why: 1001 Facts Kids Want to Know.

Guinness Book of World Records 2011.

Jokepedia: The Biggest, Best Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever by Ilana Weitzman

The Everything Kids Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles, and Brain Teasers by Micheal Dahl 

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3 thoughts on “Reluctant Reader Tip #3: The Cereal Box is your Best Ally

  1. I read every cereal box as a kid. I still find it hard to eat breakfast without reading. This is quite an ambitious project. I don’t think it would work at our house, though, because my husband transfers all cereals from their original boxes into sealed plastic ones that keep out bugs and humidity, and make it easier to pour. Great idea, though.

    1. So glad we’ve found a kindred spirit in the cereal box reading department. I understand the sealed plastic containers as we live in the Southern United States. A box of cereal, however, never lasts long in this house and so it’s easy to circulate reading material without the fear of bugs. One of the kids has taken the project over now and we look forward to our new cereal box reading material.

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