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Apptitude Tuesday

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Recently I've noticed  how quickly children's publishing is changing. There are so many choices to be made now as a parent. Gone are the days of deciding between the hardback edition or the paperback. Now there are e-books to contend with on a variety of readers. As I find book apps that I like, I'll share them with you here on Tuesdays. Any app that is presented here is one that I've actually purchased and the children as well as myself have used.

I'm realizing that I'm very picky about which apps I use or try. I love my kindle, especially when I'm travelling but when it comes to our beloved children's books, we really don't like them messed with. 

This classic book however completely enchanted us. Alice in Wonderland doesn't disappoint. It is a true adventure and a time well spent with Alice and all of her friends.

iPad Screenshot 1

You can make Alice grow tall as a house by tilting your ipad or you can make her only six inches tall. Never be late again as the White Rabbits pocket watch swings and bounces.


iPad Screenshot 2


Help Alice through her adventure by swimming her across the Pool of Tears. Hand out or bounce sweets off the talking Dodo.


iPad Screenshot 3
iPad Screenshot 4


As the story is told the animations come to life as the you and the ipad interact with this classic story.

Ok…..enough said!! Have a look for yourself.

If you'd like to check this out, there's a free version, Alice Lite for you to have a look. It's not the whole book of course but you definitely get a nice little reading experience before you buy the 8.99 version

I like this app because it allows us to read the story and then participate and interact with the ipad. It still allows us the joy of reading and not pure electronic entertainment. 

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  1. Wow! I’m a bit of a Luddite…especially when it comes to books, but I must say that I am intrigued by this version of Alice. Thanks!

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