Apptitude Friday: Leo the Lightning Bug

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Hello Everyone, It’s an Apptitude Day. 

Apptitude day’s are when we take a beloved, favorite book and look at it in it’s e-book/app form. I must share with you that I always purchase these myself and have never to date taken a free review copy. I often times find myself balancing between print books and e-books, at least for myself. When it comes to my children, I’m very particular, so when I find that special book that I would be willing to plug my children in for, I love to share with all of you.

Leo the Lightning Bug Cover

“‘Leo. Leo! Even my name is small!’ cried Leo.

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‘Oh no, Leo, not at all.’ explained his mother. ‘Leo’ means ‘Lion’. Inside, you’re as big and brave as a lion!’ and as she said this, her lightning bug light lit up brightly.”

As the story unfolds, Leo learns that the light he wants to shine so badly comes from with in. After many trails, and a lot of loving support from his mother, Leo learns to make his very own light which gives him enough confidence to be himself, play with others, and even sleep through the night.

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Leo the Lightning Bug by Eric Drachman is one of our favorite print books produced by Kidwick books. Kidwick produces this wonderful line of books which come with well created CDs.

I was so excited to see that Leo the Lightning Bug is now an enhanced e-book for a variety of readers.

We own the Oceanhouse Media version for Ipad, Iphone and Ipod touch.

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This edition has screen sized artwork accompanied by wonderful narration and sound track. It’s really fun to tap the pictures on each page to find the hidden sounds.

There are three ways to read this book app:

  • Read To Me: The words are highlighted as the story is being read.
  • Read It Myself: Which is clearly stated.
  • Auto-Play: The autoplay runs like a movie with the story being read and the pages turning automatically.

This e-book comes for Android, Amazon, and Nook Color.

We are enjoying this immensely and has made a couple of doctor waiting room moments really enjoyable.

It’s good for ages baby-7 years old.

Are you reading any wonderful kids book apps? Please leave a comment below and let me know. There are so many apps out there that I love a good lead. 


Today’s photos are from Oceanhouse Media.