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Who Has A New Set of Elsa Beskow Books?

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Before we get to our very special announcement, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for embracing this giveaway and finding your way to this space where kids books come alive.It’s the fun of the unexpected which takes place during a giveaway. It has been so wonderful to stop by your blogs or chat with you on facebook about something we all love,chidren’s books. 

In the days to come, there will be more books to jump into and more books to giveaway. I’m looking for some ideas for our next giveaway. Which series of books would you like to grace your bookshelf? Just leave a comment below and on August 15th I’ll announce our next book giveaway.

Thank you again to everybody for playing along.

I bet you’re all dying to know who won aren’t you? I’ll let these little people tell you.


The Winner, chosen by is number 313 

Tiny Twist


Our winner is Erin from the Tiny Twist Creative blog. Please go and visit her there and make a new friend. She has a lovely blog filled to the brim with great activities to create with your children, and something new to celebrate soon. Go and see what that is. 

Congratulations Erin and Family!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Who Has A New Set of Elsa Beskow Books?

  1. I discovered Michael Garland’s picture books about Miss Smith at the bookstore this weekend which looked delightful. “Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook”, “Miss Smith Reads Again”, “Miss Smith Under the Sea”, & “Miss Smith and the Haunted Library”. I also would like to read some of Daniela Drescher’s books regarding the land of fairies, merfolk, and elves.

  2. So very happy for Erin! What a day that will be, when they get those books in the mail! Awesome giveaway! We love the Little House books, Reg Down series, Sibylle Olfers series of picture books. Or Thornton Burgess animals stories are great as well.
    Thanks for your amazing generosity and beautiful blog!

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