Boys Alive and a Quick Giveaway

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Greetings Everyone. I just wanted to post a reminder that tomorrow I’ll be speaking at the Boys Alive event at 4 pm Eastern and 1 pm Pacific. IT’S FREE !!!!!

It’s been an incredible 3 week event. Which has really built a fabulous foundation to working with the “boys” in your life.

For those of you who would like to hear all three weeks of the Event, plus get the Summary and Action Plans, you’ll be ENTERED TO WIN the COMPLETE  Rick Riordan catalog, completments of Jump into A Book.  What a fabulous gift any boy would love!

Here is a little bit more about this weeks speakers.

From the Boys Alive Site:

Boys Alive Event Widget


Boys are in trouble.  High school drop-out rates are increasing and the number of males attending college is decreasing.  This has SERIOUS implications for future income-earning potential and overall life satisfaction.

And it all begins in PRE-SCHOOL!

·         Boys tend to think school is for girls (and especially language arts!)

·         Popular media reinforces the notion that boys and men don’t read.  (When was the last time you saw a superhero or sports figure reading?)

·         If he shows enthusiasm for school, especially language arts, he may not be perceived by his peers as a real boy.


LISTEN IN as experts give you the map.  They will guide YOU, so that you can guide HIM to become a confident reader and writer.

And be sure to let your son’s school teachers and administrators know about this amazing collaboration of experts:

Dr. Thomas Newkirk, author of Misreading Masculinity – boys, literacy, and popular culture, brings insights into boys and their relationship to sports, movies, video games and other popular culture.  He sees these media not as enemies of literacy, but as resources for literacy.

Kelley King, author of Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls, will present practical strategies and activities that have been field tested in real classrooms to harness the unique strengths of girls and boys.

Michael McQueen is a school librarian and a confessed reluctant reader!  He provides unique ways to engage boys via their interests.  He is the author of several websites that provide support for boys and reading.

Emily Rempe is a physical therapist and mom.  She hosts a website that provides practical, daily activity suggestions to parents of 0 to 5 year old children.  By supporting age-appropriate, early learning activities in the home, children are more prepared when they enter school.

Valarie Budayr, publisher and author of The Fox Diaries, shares ways to get boys actively involved in reading through projects, field trips, and other activities.  She knows boys need to move to learn and she helps parents and teachers with creative ways to do that!

We know you worry…and wonder…about your boy.  If you’re a teacher, we know you worry and wonder, too.

Change that worry into decisive action with the help of these experts!

REGISTER NOW and have immediate access to our Treasure Chest of gifts from our speakers.  These gems alone are priceless!

I highly recommend Janet and the experts she’s interviewed – if you’re serious about parenting your boy in a more successful way – you won’t want to miss this ground-breaking on-line Event!

Also tomorrow is the Carnival of Children’s Literature which we’re hosting here.