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We’re on the Road and the Boy’s Alive Event

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Greetings everyone ! We’re on the road again. This time we’ve been hitting the sights of the North Eastern United States. In our minds there is nothing better than a road trip. Today we’ve visited Orchard House the home of Louisa May Alcott and completely walked around Walden’s Pond. All of this we’ll be sharing with you next week. Just a reminder that there is only a few days left of the Brian Selznick Giveaway. Be sure to tell all of your friends and good luck to all of you.


While we’re away I did want to share with you a wonderful event that I’m having the priviledge of speaking at.

Boys Alive A Free Online Event

Boys Alive Event Widget


Boys are in trouble.  The world is placing increasing importance on communication and relationship skills.  Most boys (and men) don’t have these skills naturally.

If you’re raising a boy, you’ve likely read all the books, watched countless videos, and been given advice by well-meaning family and friends…

But STILL you’re at a loss for how to raise your boy to be a confident man ready to serve the world with his energy, creativity, and skills.

We know you worry…and wonder…about your boy.  If you’re a teacher, we know you worry and wonder, too.

It’s time to blaze a new trail for your son.  Before you can do that, though, you have to know about:

·         His Education:  Schools generally disapprove of the reading and writing choices that boys make.  Add to that the rules that don’t fit his need to be physical, social (in his own way), and he withdraws, resists, acts out, and, yes, drops out.


·         His Inner World:  Knowing the way he learns best means you know how to motivate him.  Help him connect to his own inner wisdom and he’ll have strategies and strength to navigate the peer pressure ahead.


·         His Wider World:  Understand the pressures that your boy faces every day and find out how you can help him be the best man he can be.

Janet Allison and Kiva Leatherman have joined together to bring you experts from around the world!   There is so much noise out there – we’ve sifted and sorted for you – we’ve found the experts that will give you a new MAP of your son…they’ll help you blaze a trail of success for him!

Janet and Kiva are leading this never-before-together GATHERING OF EXPERTS who will help you Discover HIS World!

I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the speakers for the Boys Alive! On-line Event.  This free, on-line event brings together authors, coaches, doctors, and parenting experts to help you Discover HIS World!  Boys approach life and school in their own unique way and this Event will give you the MAP so you can blaze a trail and lead him to being a confident, capable man.

Be ready to hear why we need to be worried about our boys.  And what we can do to make the changes THEY NEED US TO MAKE!

If you’ve been puzzled, frustrated, angry, or just plain exhausted by your boy…just ONE of these expert insights or strategies may be the spark that changes everything between you.

Register now for this free, on-line Event at  With 15 experts, these interviews are going to change your perspective about boys and men – FOREVER!  We begin on October 10th but you can get started right now:  REGISTER and you’ll be taken immediately to the “treasure chest” filled with free gifts from our speakers to you.

Be sure to join me on:  October 28th at 1 p.m. Pacific as I talk about Reading with Boys and Giving Back to the Community through Books.

“See you then!”