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New Virtual Book Club

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A New *FreeVirtual Book Club for Mindful Parents!

Join Us and Read Along!

Our First Book to share together will be ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction’ by John Taylor Gatto. Regardless of your schooling choices – this book will get you thinking about our current educational system and model!
Order the book from your library, Amazon or download it to your reader… read it and in between come on over with a cup of coffee to sit in on our Virtual Book Club Facebook Page! Pop on over any time to chat – you’re never behind!
In addition, our first ‘scheduled’ book discussion will be hosted by bloggers Eileen StraitonValarie Budyar and Joy Blaser on February 4th where we will cover the Prologue through Chapter 1 of our book, asking questions and inspiring others as they read along.

2 thoughts on “New Virtual Book Club

    1. Hi Melissa ! So good to see you here. It’s totally in line with what you’ve been speaking about. We’re so excited to be opening up the discussion about education.
      So far the book is so enlightening and insightful. I know there will be so much to talk about. Thanks for stopping by.

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