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Celebrate Mardi Gras/ Carnevale with The Thief Lord

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Today is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday in many places in the world. We’ve just finished a very adventurous read by Cornelia Funke called, ‘The Thief Lord.” Set in Venice, Italy, this magical tale took us on a whirlwind visit to a mysterious and unknown destination.

From Goodreads:

Prosper and Bo are orphans on the run from their cruel aunt and uncle. The brothers decide to hide out in Venice, where they meet a mysterious character who calls himself the “Thief Lord.” Brilliant and charismatic, the Thief Lord leads a ring of street children who dabble in petty crimes. Prosper and Bo relish being part of this colorful new family. But the Thief Lord has secrets of his own. And soon the boys are thrust into circumstances that will lead them, and readers, to a fantastic, spellbinding conclusion.

This coming of age story places the idea of Identity smack dab in the middle of this adventure. Who are we? How does one see themselves and how are we perceived? What masks do we wear? And what dreams do we hope to fulfill. Our journey took us deeper into the ideas around family and friendship, loyalty and trust, adoption, Venice, Italy, and the mystery of Carnevale/ Carnival .

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate Mardi Gras/ Carnevale with The Thief Lord

  1. Ah mahvelous! Thanks for sharing these masks. Oh and the book recommendation (Thief Lord) is an extra treat, onto the book list it goes. I look forward to showing my kiddos the Venetian mask video.
    Happy Mardi Gras!

    1. Great Angela. Enjoy. We loved the book and had such a great time exploring “Venice”. Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by.

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