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Bob Books Come Visiting

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How happy we were when the Bob Books stopped by with a Cupcake Surprise and The New Puppy.

For years my family have been big fans of the Bob Books. We started with their emergent reader series working our way through to early fluent readers. The Bob Book series was especially helpful with my reluctant reader. The books gave him the confidence little by little to read on his own.  Now I’m happy to share that they have written a series of books for Beginning and Early readers.

Cupcake Surprise by Lynn Maslen Kertell, Ilustrated by Sue Hendra, features siblings Jack and Anna as they prepare a cupcake surprise for their father. As they figure out what ingredients are needed, take a trip to the store, and prepare a batch of wonderful chocolate chip cupcakes, Jack and Anna discover the rewards of thinking of others.

The New Puppy by Lynn Maslen Kertell, Illustrated by Sue Hendra, again features Jack and Anna as they contemplate what having a new puppy entails. After thinking of the pros and cons of having a puppy, Jack and Anna choose a cute little brown puppy who they name Buddy. Soon chaos ensues as Buddy gets into everything, wearing both himself ,as well as Jack and Anna, completely out.

Both books are well designed using color and an easy readable hand-script font. In the back of each book are 12 sight word cards which you can cut out. On the reverse side, the sight word is used in a sentence.

Each level 1 Beginning Reader Book is crafted so your early reader can easily sound out the words and build their reading word base. If you have early or emerging readers in your home these books are a wonderful addition to your collection.

Something To Do: Cupcake Sentences and Words

As with all book reviews, we always need to do a little something to deepen the journey. This time we made up a batch of chocolate chip cupcakes with very loud frosting. Using the sentences off the back of the sight word cards, I made a card for each word and taped them onto popsicle sticks. There are a couple of ways to make cupcake sentences.

#1: Let your child go through the word signs, picking out 3 or 4 so they can build a sentence of their choosing. Place one word sign per cupcake.

#2 Someone reads a sentence from the back of the sight word card and the reader picks out the correct word sign. Stick one word sign per cupcake and put them in order.

# 3 For those early readers ask them to pick out a word. Such as: Can you find the word cupcake? Once it’s found, stick the word sign in a cupcake.

At the end of our cupcake play, we finally get to eat one and put all of the happily stabbed other cupcake samples in a container for later eating or word play.

I’d like to say a huge Thank You and give my Appreciation to Scholastic who so kindly asked us to review these books. If you’d like to know more about the series have a look here and here.

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  1. Wow, lucky you!! And lucky family!! Do you know about the bridge there that is full of locks. You make a wish and lock it on bridge and throw the key into the river. I have it on my bucket list. I think kids would love it.

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. THank you.

    Cheers from Darwin Australia

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