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Nature Heals | Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree Book Review

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A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of discovering author/illustrator/photographer Marghanita Hughes via one of our mutual nature friends. From the moment I stepped into her world I was completely transfixed and my childlike sense of wonder restored. Since then I’ve come to see her produce books for her Little Humbugs series, create a heartfelt movement to bring children and families outdoors called Let’s Go Outside Revolution, and now happily getting a first-hand look at the first book in her new series Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree.

Hidden within the pages of Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree is an invitation to unlock and discover the magic and wonders of nature through play, friendship and love.  Marghanita brilliantly uses color and imagination to create a world of Elloise a.k.a. Orange Moon. Words gently come off the page and plant themselves like a seed inside the heart.

Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree

Orange Moon (Elloise) loves to play outdoors any time of year but summer is the season which truly beckons to her. One day she meets someone who has lost something very dear to them and is grieving. After recently experiencing grief and loss herself, Elloise empathizes with her new friend and with compassion shares her truth with joy, love, and celebration.

Orange Moon and the Grandmother Treeis a masterfully crafted story about the healing power of nature and how connected we are to each other and every living thing on this planet.

Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree | Something To Do:

At the end of the book are several crafts and activities to bring the experience of Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree into a complete experience for your family, school, and reading groups. The message is clear, “Open your Heart and Get Outside and Make the Connection.

Activities Include:

  •  A Meadow of Wildflowers
  • Some very fun Lavender Crafts and Creations
  • Hand Doodling
  • Rose Necklace
  • Tree Love
  • Flower Crafts
  • Mindful Heart and Heart Listening Activity
  • Moon-gazing

After first receiving this book we read it on the screen porch in the middle of Winter wrapped up in thick blankets. It led to making a list of all the fun things we could hardly wait to do in Spring and then what could we do with Winter. Since that first reading, we’ve come back to this wonderful read several times. Now Spring is truly here and we have already started treasure hunting.

This book is in an e-book format only but is wonderful to take around on your iPad or computer. Also, it prints out for those that are wanting the handheld version. When I asked the kids what rating they would give this book I had everything from two thumbs up to 10 waving fingers and then a request to read it again. I know you’ll enjoy this and it will quickly become a family reading treasure just as is has here.

You can buy a copy of Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree for $4.99 here. 

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  1. This does look like a beautiful book. Sharing nature with children is so important to me. So, books encompassing this important part of our lives interest me greatly. -heather

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