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What Is Book Jumping?

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Whew! February was a hugely busy month for JIAB , and a rewarding one as well.  Our 30 Dr. Seuss Book Giveaway was a huge success and our Seuss collection found a new home with a very grateful teacher named Dana Elting. Congrats Dana!!!

Dr Seuss 30 Book Giveaway winner Dana Elting!

March is shaping up to be full of hustle-n-bustle as well.  Crafts are being completed, stacks of books are being read, and one very special book is being jumped into…..more on that later 😉

Speaking of book jumping, the other day I was speaking to a young reader who wanted to know what exactly a  book-jumper was, and could she be one too? The answer to her second question is an easy “of course you can!” The answer to her first question takes a little more detail, introspection, and description.

So what is a Book Jumper?? Is it a Dr Seuss character? A new Zumba step? Someone or something to be feared or avoided?

Heavens, no! Book Jumpers are here, and there, and everywhere. They are in your town, your school, your library (maybe even in your home!) They are big and tall, or petite and small. They are of all ages, colors, and lifestyles.

Definition of Book Jumping:Jumping Into A Book is taking the solitary act of reading a book and transforming it into an event to be shared with others. It’s the process of pulling books off shelves and stories off pages. It’s the adventure of making kids books come ALIVE and helping readers “jump” inside the pages. It’s creating places of magic and wonder, without ever leaving your house, classroom, or library.  Book-jumping is a way of life. It’s where we look at the story from the same perspective as the characters. Instead of the book “being magical”, we actually become the magic.“-The Magic Book Lady

SO…What does a Book Jumper look like? Well, very much like you and I. They can be identified by warm smiles on their faces and bulging books bags hanging off their shoulders. Here’s some other tell-tale attributes:

Sharp Mind: Encouraging imaginations to take flight and explore possibilities within the pages of a book.

Strong Voice: Words and inflection to help bring characters to life.

True Heart: A heart that is willed to share the love of books, learning, and encouraging young minds.

Guiding Hands: To gather friends, families, schools, and libraries to join the adventure of pulling books of a shelf and stories off pages.

Busy Legs: To roam far and wide, spreading the word of “slow family time” and “unplugged evenings.”

So, are you already a Book Jumper? Not sure?  

You Know You Are A Book Jumper When:

  • You need to fill a “supply list” before you begin a new chapter.
  • Instead of using words like “read” or “enjoy”, you use “enter.” As in; “enter one of the most beloved children’s tales of all time.”
  • Reading a book is a group activity, not a solitary event.
  • You pick books based on “jumpability” and how much fun it will be to “bring to life.”

“Book Jumping are stories that reawaken the passionate idea of living inside the pages of a book.” Each story is a gateway into a magical world where stories are not just read, but are also acted out through crafts, games, tutorials, and adventures.”-Valarie Budayr a.k.a “Magic Book Lady”

Now it’s your turn! Share with us what makes YOU a book jumper, or what was the last book you “jumped into.” Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Jump Into A Book

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