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A Butterfly Is Patient

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Today as we were walking on the greenbelt near our home we saw the first monarch butterfly of the season. For years now we’ve participated in Journey North and their Monarch Butterfly research. As we watch the monarchs hatch from their cocoons and make their way north towards us, we enjoy watching the field reports as the monarchs get closer and closer .Recently I found this really lovely book called, A Butterfly is Patient by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long.

Using rich colors and a sharing a wide variety of butterflies, A Butterfly is Patient gently and poetically goes through the life cycle of the butterfly as well as shares an astounding array of butterfly facts. Easy to use in the classroom as well as at home with your children. It makes for a great afternoon read.

Once the reading is done however, it’s time to get outside and experience the world of butterflies for yourself.

Something To Do

  • Look for Butterfly Eggs on Milkweed

  •  Go outside and see if the butterflies have come to your region. To see maps of their migration have a look here.
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Once you’ve come in from your outdoors explorations and observations, you can have a little butterfly crafting fun as well. Here are some great butterfly crafts from our reading friends.

Butterfly Snack Bags

Butterfly Footprint Craft

Found on Pinterest

Yummy Butterfly Cupcakes


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