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Capital Mysteries by Ron Roy AND a FREE Secret Code Guide

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When kids learn to love to read, they shine on the inside.  And their inner light brightens the world in many ways.-author Ron Roy



Washington D.C is such a magical place during the height of the Cherry Blossom bloom in March and April. Anyone who has experienced this natural wonder first-hand knows it is an experience they never forget.

Well the blossoms may have faded and blown away, but Washington D.C is still very much on my mind. Soooooo, I tapped into my memory bank and set to work coming up with a Washington D.C inspired book list that will delight readers of all ages.  While I was creating this book list, I can across and author and a site that  was so unique and exciting, it just plain deserved it’s own blog post.

I am referring to the wonderfully appealing series The Capital Mysteries series by Ron Roy. This series of mystery stories  is sure to appeal to young readers and especially  those “reluctant readers” in your home. This series is all centered around our capital city and involve the adventures and super sleuthing of K.C. Corcoran and her pal, Marshall Li.


A Thief at the National Zoo

Trouble at the Treasury

Fireworks at the FBI

Who Broke Lincoln’s Thumb?

A Spy in the White House,

The Skeleton in the Smithsonian,

Kidnapped at the Capital,

Who Cloned the President?

 Visit the Capital Mysteries and author Ron Roy’s “homebase” for games, quizzes, activities, and more information  about his upcoming books HERE.

Something To Do:

So why should K.C and Marshall have all the fun ? !

Jump Into A Book would like to offer our readers this FREE  Secret Codes, Mysteries And Adventures Activity Book! 19 pages of sleuthing fun for your family to enjoy.

*Use Pilot Frixion Pens and craft paper to create Invisible Secret Notes!






*Make I Spy Cookies!






*Discover a President of the United States who was a Master Code Creator!



Grab your detective hat and spy glass. Ready. SET>>>>DOWNLOAD (and Enjoy)

Here’s wishing you many mysteries to solve, adventures to be had, and many, many reading moments to enjoy 🙂

A Message from Ron Roy:

Dear teachers and librarians,

     During the eight years it has taken me to complete the 26 books in my A TO Z MYSTERIES series, your letters and emails have been a constant source of encouragement. When I have visited your schools, you have prepared the children by making my books available. The artwork and stories I have seen decorating your buildings shows me – and shows the children therein – that you value reading and writing.

     I am thrilled that my books have struck a note with so many children across this country and others. Children have written and performed plays using my characters. I have watched puppet shows with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose made out of old socks. In one school I visited, the entire school had been transformed into Green Lawn. All the teachers and kids were dressed as characters from my books. When children see adults placing value on books and writing, these children will want to read and write more. These same kids will grow into adults who value reading, and the cycle continues.