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It’s Friday App-y Hour: “Being Global” from Little Pickle Press in Conjunction with KiteReaders

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

It also means the weekend is here and time for some Saturday /Sunday R&R (readin and restin)’s APP-Y HOUR!!!

Jump Into A Book has been coming across many, many delightful children’s book apps and e-books lately so we’d like to start sharing those with our readers for a new Friday feature. We think reading apps and e-books are like a bridge for families to learn how to balance real books and e books and we firmly believe it is still completely possible to “jump into the pages” of a book, even when there’s no physical book present! The important part is in the READING and creating balance when we choose to use technology in our lives.  Another important thing before we dive into Appy-Hour is that you still take the time to sit down with your child and read together, whether it’s a book, an app, or a read aloud option. When children connect with an adult while doing something enjoyable, the habit sticks.

This week I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful book app from our friends at KiteReader called Being Global


★★★ 2012 Appy Award Winner – Multi-cultural category
★★★ Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s 2012 Ragazzi Digital Award Finalist for excellence in digital story publishing
★★★ Teacher With Apps: “This app could make the world a better place”

We are delighted to share  the news that Being Global app, developed in partnership withLittle Pickle Press, won a 2012 Appy Award for multi-cultural category besting “Its a small world” app from Disney.

Based on a multi-award winning namesake book, this multi-media, interactive edutainment app is a conversation starter for parents and educators to teach children about the goodness in exploring, appreciating, and respecting other children’s traditions, cultures, religions, and values the world over. Have you ever visited the pyramids? Do you like sushi? Can you say “hello” in Swahili? Discover what it means to be global in this whimsically-cast and thoughtfully-told animated and interactive story that also includes game play and a coloring activity. An exciting way for children to experience and celebrate global diversity.

To purchase Being Global for $1.99 (and worth every penny!) go HERE.

Something to Do:

Our family loves maps. Maps are bright, colorful and full of history. Ever plotted a pretend journey on a World Map? Or maybe even one taken by a family member or ancestor? Arm your family with colored hiliters and a notebook and have them “create” a adventure on the map. Here’s a great article from Mom’s Mini Van on helping kids create a Travel Journal.


Where do you have friends at? Are they in different countries? Use a map or world globe to pinpoint where in the world they live. I’ll bet you and your family have friends all over the World. Don’t have a map or atlas? Create your own at National Geographic Kids.

World Globes are a great educational tool for Being Global as well. Ever tried to make your own? If you are looking for a fun and concentrated project for kids in the older set, this 3-D textured globe is the perfect craft. While this project is geared mostly at kids 9 and up, it can be simplified for younger children as well. I found a wonderful tutorial complete with supply list on

And lastly, encourage your kids to do what they do best…DRAW. Have them create their own version of what they think it means to “Be Global.”

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Be sure and check next Friday for our next “Appy-Hour” and if you know of any new and amazing children’s book apps, please share below in the comment box. We’d love to hear from YOU.