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MemeTales 2012 Summer Readathon!

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Today is the beginning of the 2012 MemeTales Summer Readathon. 


Each week  you’ll be able to access free books from many publishers to keep you and your family reading during the summer. Along with a variety of  weekly stories for you and your family there are also book related activities created by fun loving participating book blogs such as this one.

We don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep kids reading over the summer, and MeMeTales is making it very easy for parents to do so!

MeMeTales is a place to celebrate children’s stories. Memetales is, at the heart, a virtual world of togetherness and books for parents and children. It is a place where a child, along with parents, teachers, friends and family can come together, around a book, to celebrate the experience of reading the book and extending it into their lives through rich books, apps, crafts, games and extended learning.-MeMeTales

How to Participate

1. Get Ready

First off, get ready to participate in the Readathon in the following ways. You need to create an account on MeMeTales only once, but you can read books on all platforms!

Now, you are set to #ReadForGood

Readathon 2012!

2. Read the Books Every Week

Here is the book list and weekly themes –

  • Week 1 – Animal Fun
  • Week 2 – Friendship
  • Week 3 – Character Development
  • Week 4 – Imagination
  • Week 5 – The Green earth
  • Week 6 – Global Cultures

Every week, come back to get inspired on each of the themes.

3. Earn Your Stickers and Print Your Certificates!

Week 1 Certificate

Week 2 Certificate

Week 3 Certificate

Week 4 Certificate

Week 5 Certificate

Week 6 Certificate

4.Share your activities on our facebook page

Share with friends and have them join in the fun!

5. After all 6 weeks, print your Grand Certificate of Completion

Stick all your stickers on your grand certificate. Print the sticker pack and certificate below.

All Stickers – to cut and paste on certificate

Grand Certificate of Completion

So are you in? Let’s make it  a summer filled full of reading and play !!!!