Autumn Fun With Little Acorn Learning

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YAY!!! This weekend brought with it some very cool weather, completely sunny mind you but wonderfully crisp. Out, as in immediately out, came my sweaters. I’ve had myself swathed in wool for three days now. 

Photo by Eileen Straiton or Sara Wilson

Also coming out were the quilts and afghans. My husband, Fiber Boy, commented that it takes me literally 15 minutes to usher in warmth. I love cool weather. Today I’ve promised myself that I’ll start knitting something spiffy.

Do you know what else happens with Autumn? Michaelmas or better known here as Dragon and Lantern day, which happens on Friday September 29th. 

“Michaelmas is a celebration of many important ideas. It is a harvest celebration, when we honor the blessings of agriculture and the work of human hands that toil to put good, life-sustaining food on our tables and in our bellies. The bounty of earth is all around us in the autumn, and yet the shorter days and cooler temperatures remind us that soon many of our food plants must die or go dormant. The earth must rest, so that new growth can occur next year.

Michaelmas is also a community celebration, in which we are reminded that we succeed when we work together to overcome hunger, want, and disease, and the less visible dangers of loneliness and fear. It is our chance to come together on the good, green earth and declare to one another: We are alive. We are together. Together we are strong. Together and with pure hearts, we can overcome. In this time, maybe more than ever before, we all need reminders of strength, selflessness, courage, hope, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.” From The Autumn Equinox and Michaelmas Feast E-book

I have a very special treat for you. Friends Eileen Straiton from Little Acorn Learning, and Sara Merkel Wilson from Love in the Suburbs have written a fantastic Michaelmas guide. They gave me a sneak peak and like all of the Little Acorn Guides, this one is loaded !!!!

The e-book is 133 pages full of verses, fingerplays, poems, songs, crafts, meditations, book recommendations, circle times, recipes and much more.  Filled with amazing and inspiring articles and tutorials, some of the projects included in this e-book are as follows:

Needle Felt a Beautiful Apple Mother Doll

Go on an Apple Picking Field Trip and Learn About Different Varieties of Apples

Photo by Eileen Straiton and Sara Wilson

Design a Breathtaking Early Autumn Nature Table
Read Books with the Children Celebrating Autumn and Michaelmas

Make Your Own Apple Stamps

Enjoy Homemade Applesauce Together

Crochet an Apple for Your Nature Table or Play Kitchen

Create a Beautiful Autumn Candle Holder Centerpiece

Make an Archangel Michael Mobile

Photo by Eileen Straiton and Sara Wilson

Harvest Natural Dye Materials from Outdoors and Make Capes of Light Playsilks

Hold a Michaelmas Family Feast

Photo by Eileen Straiton and Sara Wilson

Create Dragons out of Nature Items

Bake Dragon Bread with the Children

Make a Dragon Tree Block Checker Set

Sculpt Dragons out of Modeling Material

Cut Out Paper Flying Dragons to Display on Your Wall

Make a Michaelmas Felt Play Set

Paint an Autumn Leaf Stencil Painting with Watercolors

Crochet Beautiful Autumn Leaves for Your Nature Table
Paint Your Own Interpretation of Michael and the Dragon

Look Inward and Face Your Own Dragons with our Caregiver Meditation

Share Verses and Songs About Autumn and Michaelmas

Meditate on Quotes from Steiner and Other Inspirational Individuals

Enjoy Pinecone Weaving

Share Circle Time Together

Photo by Eileen Straiton and Sara Wilson

Make Michael Sword Napkin Holders

Sculpt Michaelmas Worry Beads

Craft and Autumn Equinox Wreath

And Much, Much, More!

Whenever I enter into a Little Acorn Learning Guide I always feel so warm and nurtured. It’s such a happy place for me and I know it will be for you too.  To get your guide to prepare the most wonderful Michaelmas Feast Day go here.


Eileen Straiton from Little Acorn Learning is an author and publisher of The Little Acorn Learning Guides. These guides are an Affordable and Complete Childcare Program. You can find Eileen on Twitter at @_Little_Acorn_ or at http://www.littleacornlearning.com