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Fed Up with Frenzy Giveaway

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We haven’t done a giveaway all summer. That is about to change now that we’re heading back to school. I have a very special book. A book which now holds a prominent place on our kitchen table, book shelf, and coffee table. The very special book I refer to is the newly released Fed Up with Frenzy by Susan Sachs Lipman.

This Book is 365 pages of the utmost family fun Ever !!! 

Susan and I are both very entrenched in the slow family movement. Spending quality time together as a family creatively is a mantra we both subscribe to. I knew Suz was a fun person from her blog Slow Family Online but nothing could prepare me for the gem of a book she ended up creating. It’s 365 pages completely loaded with memory making activities for you and your family.

It’s a flashback to my childhood and all I did throughout the whole book was smile, laugh, and say, “Oh look. I forgot about that. Remember this? ” In the beginning I started placing multicolored  sticky notes to save the place of my favorite “Oh look” activities. At one point my husband said, ” What are you doing, sticky noting that entire book ?” And that’s when I pulled out the calendar and started organizing activities by season, ….sort of. I think the family and I will have to call our time together since reading this book “Unfrenzied Time,” or “Our Year with Suz”. You know if we did one page every day for a year we would be the most experienced family of Fun ever.

Would you like me to stop rambling and let you know what this book is about?

Fed up with car-pooling, the school drop off line, sports practice, hours of homework, and a constant pressure to do more quickly , one day Suz Lipman decided to just stop this mad paced life and to slow down.

Fed up with Frenzy is a treasure trove of a guide filled to the brim with afforadable activities to help your family slow down and reconnect to one another.

Included in this slow family adventure guide are cooking and crafting, getting outdoors, seasonal celebrations and wonderful suggestions for “slow” family vacation activities. Pages and pages of wonderful inspiring ideas to create memories for you and your family.

Here’s a little more about Susan Sach Lipman:



She is the founder of, writes for Christin Science Monitor’s Modern Parenthood blog, and is the San Francisco Slwo Family Life Examiner at Examinercom. She is also the Social Media Director for the Children & Nature Network, which encourages and supports people and organizations working around the world to reconnect children with nature.

A longtime Girl Scout leader, Suz also enjoys gardening, hiking, community volunteering, reading, soap crafting and food canning. She lives with her husband and daughter in Mill Valley, CA.


Today we are giving away one copy of Fed up with Frenzy. Please leave a comment below telling us what activities you love to share together as a family. This giveaway goes through Sunday September 9th, closing at 11:59 pm, and the winner announced September 10th. A huge thank-you to Sourcebooks for supplying the book for today’s giveaway. 

FRENZYcoverFINAL3Fed up with Frenzy can be found in the following places:


Barnes & Noble

Indie Bound

Book Passage



As long as you’re here, Let’s have a little Fun shall we?

One of our favorite activities is making what we call Crazy Crayons. Suz and family also love a little mixed up crayon action and Suz has a wonderful version made in muffin tins. Here’s a look at how we did it.


First unpeel the crayons

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 001

Second cut them up into little pieces. Not shavings or chunks but pieces.

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 004

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 005

Next fill mini muffin tins or other shaped tins. No grease is required. Preheat oven to 170 degree F.

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 008

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 010

Place in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes until the crayons are melted. A few pieces maynot be melted and that’s ok. Take out of oven, once melted and let cool completely. Crayons should just pop right out. If they don’t put the crayons and tray in the freezer for about an hour and they pop out….no problems. ~Enjoy

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 017

Crazy crayon,kungfu,fika,tree 021

 Would you like your own copy of this book? Remember the giveaway and leave us a comment below. 🙂 Good Luck !!!!

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20 thoughts on “Fed Up with Frenzy Giveaway

  1. This looks like a fun idea, but what can you then do with what you have made? Does the book have any suggestions for that? Would be great to win one, I wonder what else fun there is to do!

  2. I love gleaning fun memory making ideas. This book sounds like something my family would love. I plan on taking the above idea and doing it with my girls today!!! Thanks for recommending this book, if we do not “win” the drawing then it is definitely something I will be looking to buy.

  3. My 10 year young daughter and I love to create a beautiful home together and are always finding ways to truly make it ours. We’ve painted a huge blackboard on the lounge wall and have drawn our own masterpiece on it with chalk pastels (originally we intended to keep changing it every month but we’re loving the picture so much we can’t rub it off yet! I think it might stay there for a few more months before we draw a new one). We painted a blackboard on the wall near the kitchen and drew up a menu, and can write up poems, pictures or quotes as the mood grabs us. We are creating an art studio in one of our rooms as art, crafts, colour, and pottering around with our little projects is such a major part of our lives. My daughter has started to paint a mural on the walls, representing the different seasons. She called out to me as she started her preliminary sketch on the wall “Mum, I love being an artist. It gives me so much joy” Would love to win a copy of “Fed Up With Frenzy” to get fresh inspirations. Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. We really enjoy making paper boats and sailing them down the river – there are 5 bridges and a cauld (weir) on the 3/4 mile stretch of river that runs through the middle of our town. The free property newspaper is ideal for this, as are the supermarket special flyers….

  5. Oh this looks wonderful!!! I’d love to be entered in the drawing.

    I also wanted to THANK you so much for the recommendation for Sea Trolls. My son is absolutely LOVING it and we’re looking forward to making the board game.


  6. We love to be outside together: looking at the sky & clouds, examining leaves on the trees, watching ants go about their business, or stretched out reading on the front lawn.

  7. P.S. Thank you for the link to Powell’s Books–I appreciate your support of this incredible independent bookstore.

  8. Ooh….love this idea. My goddess-son loves to chew his crayons, so these would be perfect. Look forward to reading about more fun to dos in the book.

  9. We play checkers, chess, make paper airplanes and kites, build things, make buttons and posters for supporting our local teams/special causes, birdwatch, letterbox, hike in regional parks and play at the beach, oh, and READ. We love activity books, they often give us a “spark” to try something new. Hooray for slow parenting!

  10. Our family has the great fortune to live 30 minutes away from the Colorado Rockies. We love to hike together and delight in finding new trails to “discover”. When we brush the dust off at home, we head over to library to learn more about the conifers we see, the rocks we pick up, and read up on the history of some of the ghost towns we have explored.

  11. What a fun sounding book. Always looking for ideas to do with the children. There are so many activities we love doing together as a family. Taking time to be outside and finding minibeasts will probably be the one that in years to come I will look back to most fondly.

  12. What a lovely giveaway. We have one little one, and work from home as farmers, so we are lucky to spend long sweet days together as a family most of the time. Our little guy is not quite 3 — some favorite things we all do together are working out in our fields, tending to our goats and chickens, and lots of cooking! All this comes naturally given our lifestyle, but I’d love more inspiration on the arts and music side of things.

  13. FED UP WITH FRENZY would be wonderful thank you.

    I have done this with old crayons. We made star shapes.

  14. We love doing craft together, the undirected kind where everyone does their own thing. Often it involves cutting pictures out of magazines and decorating pages and boxes.

    Anther activity we often do is go outside and collect leaves, flowers, sticks and rocks and then arrange them in collages.

    would love to win a copy of the book!

  15. Reading is fun for children and adult; and we need to encourage both to do it.

  16. It is a family book, inspiring and to make family members closed one to another. In fact it is also good for friends and familyget together, as activity in picnicking, camping, traveling, etc.

  17. We live on a small farm, homeschool and like to keep our days at a pace that we can keep up with. It would be great to have a copy of this interesting sounding book.

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