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The Fox Diaries Flashback (And Hint of a Giveaway)

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“A long time ago  only a few short years ago…

in a galaxy far, far away…  in a backyard in Tennesee….

Lived a family of Foxes.
It all began with Mama Rennie and four cute, rambunctious, naughty, mischievous, kits-Ring ding, Osa, Effie, and Hulda.

Mama Rennie


 It was through their adventures right out the backdoor for the Budayr household, I watched them grow.The Fox Diaries

And be young, silly, and naughty….

It was a true gift to be witness and experience this, and from this my book The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden was born.

The Fox Diaries
THEN, this past Spring, I found myself keeping a very large secret…….

Hulda (a kit from the first litter-now all grown up) came back to the old den, her family home, with her newborns. Yup….Generation #2 had taken up residence in the Budayr yard. Valarie and family had many moments with Hulda and the now very large litter of kits,  and the result is this amazing video. Not only is this delightful video a peek at the Fox mayhem that has ensued but a look into the continued joy that each Fox Spring brings.


She captures the essence of these foxes in a magical whimsical treasury of a book. The pictures are so amazing.Watch with the artful eye of Valarie’s camera as the family explores, learns, and grows. Donna Ashton.  –The Waldorf Connection

That was almost 3 years ago and the magic of our Foxes continues.We are excited to see what the Spring of 2013 brings 🙂

So why all this Fox Whimsy and “remembering?”

We have something very special planned for Cyber Monday! We have been planning like clever little foxes, and dreaming up a fox-filled day just for our readers. Curious?

You’ll have to WAIT. But we promise you, you are NOT crazy-like-a-Fox.

We have a very special DEAL, some wonderful BONUSES, and a big, juicy GIVEAWAY…and it all starts November 26th!

Hint? Well..yes..I can give you a hint 😉

Nook Giveaway

If you want to know MORE…you will have to check back on this blog in the next few days!

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