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Jump Into A Book Year In Review PLUS a Free Gift!

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Yes, it is that time again.

Despite the fact the Mayans thought we were going “poof” on 12 21 12, I am happy to be here and reflecting on yet another amazing year.  Since you all have been such a big part of the success and victories of 2012, I hope you will enjoy a quick recap. Maybe you will see a familiar face, a happy moment, or a favorite bookjump in this list. Either way, I hope you enjoy the look back 🙂 –Valarie


App-y Hour Books for Kids: We come across so many amazing book apps for kids in our travels, we decided to start a Friday Feature called App-y Hour to showcase our finds. Here’s a few:

Cat or Dog for President

Silly Dino by Seymour Simon

Barefoot Books Presents-World Atlas!

Berenstein Bears & The Big Spelling Bee

app-y hour

Much of our victories in 2013 centered around our good friend “Charlie.” The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory launched as an enhanced e-book on June 21st 2012 on iTunes on the iBookstore and it was off to the races.

Charlie pdf:  Thanks to overwhelming requests and feedback from readers, we opted to spread the “Charlie love” to our friends and readers who asked for a “screen-free’ version of Charlie’s wonderful story and activities. PRESTO: The Ultimate Guide to Charlie in PDF version was born.

Charlie #1 (only Indie in the top 100): What a wild ride it was! On special offer for the whole month of December ,The Ultimate Guide to Charlie was in the #1 spot on the iBookstore. Fueled by Charlie buzz, holiday shopping, and an awesome 50% off the $7.99 price, Charlie was like a rocket on the charts. As of 12/26/12, Charlie was still not only charting, but still listed on the “What’s Hot” list and #225 in all book sales. We are still holding the price at $3.99, so if you have not gotten your copy, do it soon! Visit iTunes HERE.


The Fox Diaries on iTunes! It was a great victory for us to offer our beloved Fox Diaries on Nook and on iTunes for our readers.

Giveaways That Rocked The House:

Dr Seuss 30 Book Giveaway: yOU mAY, I sAY, wIN bOOKS, aLL dAY: Dr Seuss 30 Book Giveaway & Fun Bonuses!

The Incredible Get Outside/Earth Day Book Giveway: In April we put together a 14 book giveaway from children’s book authors that we felt helped readers feel connected to this planet is to experience it.


The Golden Ticket iPad Giveaway: This was by far the biggest on-line event JIAB had ever planned. Thanks to tons of participants and Five Very Special Bloggers, this fun giveaway was a slam-dunk success.

The Nook Giveaway: Just time for Cyber Monday we pulled off a giveaway full of surprises, deals, and gifts.

Our Livestream Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza: We teamed up with powerhouse Donna Ashton from The Waldorf Learning for an evening of great discussion on family reading, books, and a huge pile of the giveaways. We capped off this milestone evening by giving away a complete collection of Elsa Beskow Books!


 Friends Who Launched:



Marilyn Scott Waters: Haunted Histories. We had so much fun with this review and book jump.

Check out our activity packed blog post HERE



and still they bloom

Amy Rovere: Author of And Still They Bloom.

Amy created this book as a way to help families and children cope with grief and loss. A truly touching book. Read our review with matching  activities HERE,





Melissa Taylor's Book Love Melissa Taylor: Book Love. Super blogger/writer and reading advocate, Melissa released her much anticipated book Book Love: Help Your Child  Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader late in 2012.

As part of Melissa’s launch team, it was an exciting event. Read more about it HERE.




Suz Lipman


Suz Lipman: Fed Up With Frenzy. Susan and I are both very entrenched in the slow family movement. Spending quality time together as a family creatively is a mantra we both subscribe to. I knew Suz was a fun person from her blog Slow Family Online but nothing could prepare me for the gem of a book she ended up creating. It’s 365 pages completely loaded with memory making activities for you and your family. To read our blog post about Suz’s Fed Up With Frenzy HERE.



Our Funnest Book Jumps & App-y Hours

Land of Long Ago and Dragon Bread: Who knew this fun recipe would be such a hit with readers (the book is pretty wonderful too)

Haunted Histories: We blew author Marilyn Scott Waters away with all the fun activities and crafts to go along with her exciting new release. Kabuki anyone?

BIG: KiteReaders has been a huge supporter and very instrumental in the success of The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and BIG was one of the many wonderful books in their line-up. This story from Coleen Paratore offers the idea that: One little thought, question, action, change every day will leave a BIG impact. Each day we have a choice on how we are going to be BIG and leave our gentle touch on the planet, inside our communities, towards ourselves, and our families. What will YOU do today to be BIG?


Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms Book Jump Adventure: Enter a wonderful world filled with real magic, mystery, and danger!

The Tale of Emily Windsnap: This delightful book inspired some delightful Mermaid crafts and activities.

Mermaid Inspired Crafts


 Capital Mystery Series by Ron Roy: Not only are we huge fans on this delightful series, it was the first time JIAB introduced our very own Secret Codes, Mysteries And Adventures Activity Book! 19 pages of sleuthing fun for your family to enjoy. Get your copy HERE.

Our Favorite Events:

MemeTales 2012 Summer Readathon!

Remembering The Mayflower

A Whole New Batch of Foxes: May marked the month of not only the first anniversary of The Fox Diaries, but also the month we announced to the world of Fox Bathc #2! Yes, original kit Hulda surprised everyone by emerging from her den with a TON of babies. How many? You’ll have to go HERE to find out 😉

The Fox Diaries


 An Invitation from Apple: To cap off an already blessed year, right before the holidays we were give the official nod of approval from Apple to be a part of their huge “Books Under $2.99” Cyber Week Promotion. This was a huge honor for Audrey Press/Jump Into a Book to have The Ultimate Guide to Charlie as part of this promotion.


As our way of saying “Thank You” for such an amazing 2012, we want you to have the opportunity to print your own…..

Download copy of The Book-Jumper’s Manifesto Tree:

Hand-crafted by the imaginative mind of The Fox Diaries and The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’s graphic/book designer Roscoe Welply, this fun, fact-filled, and colorful poster will help shed some light on the question “what is a book jumper?”


***Please join us on our continued adventures by subscribing to Jump Into a Book. There are HUGE and exciting plans and projects in the works for 2013 and we wouldn’t you to miss a thing. We’d LOVE to include you in the Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory book launch and upcoming giveaways as well so please take a moment and visit our Sign Up Page HERE.

What was you’re best memory of 2012?