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Santa Lucia Morning in Sweden

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This beautiful book about the Swedish holiday Sankta Lucia has become a read-a-loud favorite in this house.

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This beautiful book has become a read-a-loud favorite in this house. Ewa Rydåker and illustrator Carina Ståhlberg have truly captured the spirit of “living” the Lucia tradition each year.  The book tells the old story of Sankta Lucia through the eyes of three children living in this time period. Set in Sweden, the story follows the adventures of Sofie, Louise, and Carl as they prepare for Lucia Day on December 13th.

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On that day, many Swedish people celebrate the legacy of Lucia and the coming of the light with coffee, saffron buns, ginger snaps, and wonderful singing. In addition to the story of the Svensson children, the book also includes the Lucia Song, recipes for ginger snaps and saffron buns, a short story of the Lucia legend, plus two patterns for the Lucia gown and star boy outfit.
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This story focuses on one family preparing for the holiday. The two girls and the boy help make pepparkakor cookies and the Lussekat buns the night before. They next morning they celebrate with their immediate family.
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I love the illustrations, they are wintry and festive looking!
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Author Ewa Rydåker is happy to announce that the book is now available for iPad! (Or download it to read on your computer or iPhone). Find it in the iTunes Store.

Lucia Morning

Today I’m sharing our families St. Lucia celebration over at the Rhythm of the Home blog. Please stop by and visit our happy celebration.

St Lucia

Recipes for Lucia Buns and Ginger Cookies

How does your family celebrate Sankta Lucia?

7 thoughts on “Santa Lucia Morning in Sweden

    1. This crown just keeps enduring Melissa. No one can break it. It’s a great solution and fun to make too.

  1. I live in the country just outside of the Swedish town of Kingsburg, CA.
    Kingsburg celebrates with a festival of lights parade led by a girl dressed as Santa Lucia followed by a line of children dressed in white robes. it is lovely.
    My children used to dress up and bring us treats – they are too old now to want to do this any more but they enjoy the years of pictures we have. (We’re not swedish – we just like celebrating every holiday)

    1. We’re getting ready for our Lucia celebration on Saturday. It’s one of my favorite times of year. So glad you enjoy as well. Happy St. Lucia !!

    2. Does the town still do this? We travel from Florida every year to attend a Lucia. Is it on Fac book? This year,be are going to Duluth, MN.

      1. There are Lucia festivals everywhere. A good place to check is any local IKEA store. They always do one.

  2. This was such an interesting read! I never knew about Saint Lucia and these traditions. Also love the illustrations in this book. 🙂

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