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The Mitten by Jan Brett

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This is a classic favorite in this house. Today as part of the Virtual Book-Club for kids hosted this month by Rainy Day Mum, we’re diving into the world of Jan Brett. After hearing this I immediately thought of The Mitten and all of the fun times we’ve had with this book throughout the years. During the holiday season and also during snowy days, this family favorite comes off the shelf and is read over and over again.

The story begins with a Ukrainian boy named Nicki wanting his grandmother Baba to knit snow-white mittens for him. She warns her grandson that a white mitten will be hard to find if he loses it in the snow, but of course he promptly does just that! What happens next is the surprising part, as a mole takes refuge in the lost mitten, then a rabbit, then a hedgehog, an owl, a badger, and a fox.


If you think the mitten might be a wee bit stretched out at this point, just wait: “Then a big bear sniffed at the mitten. The animals were packed in tight, but the bear didn’t care. He crawled in anyway.” When a tiny mouse squeezes in, her whiskers tickle the bear’s nose. He sneezes, and “Aaaaa-aaaaa-ca-chew!” all the animals fly out of their crocheted cave. As the mitten sails through the air, Nicki spots it, reclaims it, and takes it home to show his smiling Baba.

And so goes the story of Nicki and his snow white mitten.

Something to Do:

Today I’m getting a little help from illustrator and Mitten author herself Jan Brett. She has one of the most incredible websites I’ve ever seen with lots of activities to extend and support her books. Here’s the link for today’s activity.

I downloaded the animals page onto heavy card stock. We colored the animals and then cut them out for later use. In the past I’ve also colored the animals and then scanned them into my print and printed them out onto fabric iron transfers. I would transfer these onto muslin fabric cut them out in doubles and then stuff them. This time though we are just using the heavy card stock.

The fun part of this activity is making the stocking. Just like Nicki’s ours is white. We used the mitten pattern from the Jan Brett site as well. Be sure to cut out 2 felt mitten pieces. I cut it out just a little bit larger so all the animals can fit in.

To help Nicki find his mitten better we stitched it with red thread and put a big red heart in the center.

But just like in the book, the animals seemed to find their way to the mitten. Who couldn’t find their mitten when there’s 8 animals inside?

This makes for a wonderful play and also helps promote reading skills. As I read the book the children put the animals inside the mitten one by one. All of my children learned how to read the specific animal names while playing with this book. It also teaches them sequence. Once all of the animals are in the mitten, we quickly go backwards through the book taking the animals out one by one until there is only the mitten left.

 Enjoy today’s book adventure into the world of The Mitten. Would you like to find an animal in  your mitten ? If so what would you like to find ?



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  1. Okay- this is so incredibly creative. It could not be more wonderful. I would like to find a puppy in my mitten.

    1. You and me both. That would be so much fun to find a puppy in a stocking.
      Hope you had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.

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