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Family Book Festival: Marilyn Scott Waters and Misty of Chincoteague

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Family Book Festival is a project to help chase away the doldrums of winter by jumping into the favorite books of our author, illustrator, blogger friends.

Marilyn Scott-Waters

It’s our hope that, not only will we provide reading families with amazing new booklists and activities, but also give the parents a chance to experience a blissful walk down memory lane as they share favorite books from their childhood.

As our Family Book Festival winds down, I feel we saving some of our “best for last.” And one of those “bests” is dear friend Marilyn Scott Waters, also known as The Toymaker. Marilyn and I met at a creative conference, and believe-it-or-not, we met because of my moleskin! I was sitting alone when this lovely lady marched over to me and said , “Hi, I’m Marilyn. I love your moleskin!” The funny twist to this tale is the fact that I responded, “I know who you are! I’ve buying buying your toys for years!”

A true friendship was born 🙂

Marilyn, tell us about your childhood and what books were your favorites.

Here’s the dish on my favorite book as a kid. When I was a little girl I loved horses. I saved all my pocket money to buy Breyer models. I spent my summers at my grandmother’s house in Northern Mississippi riding horses, ponies and even mules, whenever I could. I shook my fist at Santa Claus for never bringing me a Shetland Pony like I asked (The nerve of that guy. After I asked so nicely and used my best handwriting!) Santa did bring me books about horses though and that was comforting. And I poured over them like they were the sacred scrolls from the promised land.
My favorite horse books were all written by one author… Marguerite Henry. I devoured Misty of Chincoteague and Brighty of the Grand Canyon. I cried over King of the Wind. I studied Album of Horses like it was the entrance exam for Harvard. But the one book that I read until it was falling apart was, All About Horses. I guess you could say I was “horse-crazy!”
Horsey Collage


Create your own Horse adventure! What better way to stimulate young minds than with some pretend play. Marilyn has some wonderful downloadable paper toys on The Toymaker. Here’s a few of her suggestions to create your own stable of pretty ponies:

Laughing Ponies


The Toymaker Laughing Ponies

“Animals are such agreeable friends–they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
– George Eliot

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  1. These paper cut outs are adorable. My daughter also loved horses while growing up and she would have loved to play with these. What a great way to bring the story to life!

  2. Your book covers brought back such wonderful memories! I read every horse story in my elementary school library before the librarian moved me on to other animal stories. You just highlighted some of my favorites. I’ll have to try the paper horses with my students – thanks for the link.

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