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Family Book Festival: Roscoe Welply and Curious George Gets a Medal (& Awesome Rocket Craft!)

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Our Family Book Festival is coming to a CLOSE.


But what a wonderful, delightful, book-filled month it has been! Family Book Festival is a project to help chase away the doldrums of winter by jumping into the favorite books of our author, illustrator, blogger friends.

It was our hope that, not only we could provide reading families with amazing new booklists and activities, but also give the parents a chance to experience a blissful walk down memory lane as they share favorite books from their childhood.

AND, we’ve saved the Best for LAST!

Roscoe Welply is a graphic and book designer that has been an important part of the JIAB/Audrey Press family for the last few years. Roscoe’s amazing graphic talents has allowed books like The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to our Garden and the recent The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory enhanced digital ebook to have a unique and enchanting look.


Many people are amazed when they find out The Ultimate Guide to Charlie was created by two people (graphic designer Roscoe Welply and myself) who live an ocean apart. We live in different parts of the world. I’m here in the States and Roscoe lives in France. This means we are in completely different time zones.

How did you do it?” they ask.

Thank goodness for modern technology!” is my common reply.

The bottom line is, we are thrilled that Roscoe agreed to be a part of our Family Book Festival and let me assure you, he “hit it out of the park” with this amazing (and in-depth) Curious George inspired craft tutorial. Roscoe has also offered up a downloadable PDF of all the instructions, patterns, directions, and photos to help your kids (with a little help from Curious George) rocket to the moon!

Thanks for joining us Roscoe! Share with us one of your family’s a favorite books.

Our boys really love Curious George. And of their favorite “George” books is Curious George Gets a Medal.

roscoe rocket

In this classic story, George tries to write a letter—but, when he spills ink everywhere, his cleanup efforts fill the room with soap bubbles. He also frees a pen full of pigs, rides a cow, hitches a ride on a pickup truck, crashes into a dinosaur, and finally, most importantly, soars into outer space, which results in the happiest day of his life—he gets a medal, of course!


Roscoe pulled out all the stops and created this amazing Curious George Rocket Crafts Tutorial! Get ready for TAKE OFF! Vrrrooommmm!

roscoe rocket7

roscoe rocket collage

 For FREE instructions, patterns, directions, and pictures in an easy-to-follow pdf,  Click the Link Below 🙂

Get Your Rocket Craft PDF HERE

roscoe welply

Roscoe Welply is a Freelance graphic designer  and book designer located in Bordeaux, France. Designer of 2 children’s books for Audrey Press including the recent Roscoe is owner and founder of HoneyGroveDesigns.

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