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Family Book Festival: Julia Dweck and Kingdom Keepers

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Welcome to our February Family Book Festival!

Festival of Book

We’re chasing away the doldrums of winter by jumping into the favorite books of our author, illustrator, blogger friends.

Today I’m happy to introduce you to fellow children’s book author Julia Dweck.

Julia Dweck

Julia Dweck and I have become fast friends this year in our ever creative book world.  A prolific writer and passionate teacher, Julia inspires all of us with her fun look at life through her books and her commitment to her students through project based learning. She is one of the most generous authors I know and is constantly giving away her books on “free days” on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or on the iBookstore. If you watch the Jump into a Book Facebook Fan page I always announce when something is good is coming from Julia Dweck.

Today Julia is giving us a front row seat inside her classroom and is sharing a favorite read from her group of gifted 4th graders plus and up close look into the world of holography.  I’m so thankful she’s taken the time to be with us today.

What is your favorite book you’d like to share with our Family Book Festival readers?

Julia: My gifted fourth grade students loved the book, Kingdom Keepers, by Ridley Pearson.


From Amazon:

In this fantastical thriller, five young teens tapped as models for theme park “guides” find themselves pitted against Disney villains and witches that threaten both the future of Walt Disney World and the stability of the world outside its walls. Using a cutting-edge technology called DHI—which stands for both Disney Host Interactive and Daylight Hologram Imaging—Finn Whitman, an Orlando teen, and four other kids are transformed into hologram projections that guide guests through the park.

Students’ talents and interests drove the culminating project. They were eager to learn more about the science and art of holography.  It turned out that a world-renowned holgrapher, Frank DeFreitas, was living only a few miles away from our school. Mr. DeFreitas visited us with a dynamic presentation on holography, culminating in a laser arts workshop.


This is what Mr. DeFreitas had to say about our holographic project:

The laser arts program allowed students to explore the next frontier in communication technologies: light. As we move from electronics to photonics, light and its understanding will continue to play an ever-increasing role in our lives. With the laser arts class, students were able to explore light in ways never possible before. Using such items as holograms, diffraction gratings, lenses, mirrors, and even crystals, students recorded their own creative laser light patterns with digital cameras.


Students also used technology to record unique questions for our author, Ridley Pearson, and then interview him via skype inside the classroom. The project was a memorable one from beginning to end, incorporating: science, technology, creativity, problem solving, and higher-level thinking to the max!

To learn more about holography visit HoloKids, a website run by Mr. Frank DeFreitas.

Julia Dweck PhD

Julia Dweck writes children’s stories for digital and traditional publication. Her stories span the spectrum of humor, fantasy, and edutainment in rhyme and in prose. A background in elementary education puts her in touch with what children want to read and what makes them giggle. Julia collaborate with some of the leading illustrators in the world of children’s books. She is also a designer of educational adjuncts for children’s literature, and has worked with such notable publishing houses as Penguin Young Readers.

Amazon Author Page:
Twitter: @juleloves2write


Here’s a look at some more of the holographic images that Julia’s 4th graders created.





6 thoughts on “Family Book Festival: Julia Dweck and Kingdom Keepers

  1. First of all WOW!! I want to be a student in Julia’s class!!

    Second, I second what Valarie says about Julia Dweck, she is creative, friendly, generous and has a mountain of positive energy.

    Third, that book looks fabulous – thanks for sharing it with us Julia! 🙂

    Oh, and Valarie, did you see that Julia has a new contest on Facebook – one that asks how we can be “green”? Here’s the link (I think):

    I’ll be forwarding my info on to you soon – promise!!! 😀

    1. Hi Renee !! I’d love to be a student in Julia’s classroom too. Her students must be so inspired all the time. Just wonderful. I did see she is having a contest and I put it up on the JIAB Facebook Fan Page. Thanks for sending in your contribution. I know everyone will love it !!

  2. Thank you for having me on your blog, Valarie. It’s a privilege to share with you and your readers. And thank you, Renee for the very kind words. PS~I’m a huge fan of both of your blogs. I’ve always loved immersing my students in the pages of a good book. You both do that so well. Thank you for all you do. 🙂

  3. I must echo Renee’s WOW! Those images are just superb. It really excites me to hear of teachers setting up such powerful learning experiences for and with their kids.

    1. Hi Susan !!! Thanks for stopping by. It’s so nice to see you here. I was mesmerized by these photos. Simply stunning. Susan,I know you would really love Julia’s books and I think your bookchook readers would too. Let me know and I’ll send you a couple. 🙂 Happy Reading.

      1. Dweck’s publisher would probably send to me if I showed interest. I live in Australia, so better for the publisher to bear the expense if they want. Hmm, the only hits I’m getting are for e-books on Kindle platform. Is Dweck print published too?

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