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All Good Things Must Come to an End: A Look Back at The Family Book Festival

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Our Family Book Festival is coming to a close.


AND what a delightful and informative month it has been! Fourteen authors, bloggers, and writers offered up their childhood or current family book favorites with companion activities for a month of reading and family fun.

Family Book Festival is a project to help chase away the doldrums of winter by jumping into the favorite books of our author, illustrator, blogger friends.

It’s our hope that, not only will we provide reading families with amazing new booklists and activities, but also give the parents a chance to experience a blissful walk down memory lane as they share favorite books from their childhood.

We want to say a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who participated in this wonderful festival and shared their thoughts, books, and activities with Jump Into a Book.

Here’s a recap in case you may have missed a few installments:

Roscoe Welply  and Curious George Gets a Medal (and an in-depth-rocket craft tutorial you won’t want to miss!)

roscoe rocket collage

Alexis York Lumbard and Amos & Boris (and a wonderful tutorial on creating concrete poems!)

Marilyn Scott Waters and Misty of Chincoteague (plus fun paper toy downloads)

Suz Lipman Curious George Rides a Bike (plus a great paper boat activity)

FBF PaperBoatTutorial

Kara Fleck and Strega Nona (and a fun twist on your average spaghetti dinner!)

Renee Cormier & Dr. Seuss (and a fun “silly Seuss” book creating activity!)

“Franticmommy” Rebecca Flansburg and Robinson Crusoe(and some ideas for Robinson Crusoe “boat buildin” using recycled material from around the house!)

Donna Ashton and The Faraway Tree (and some great resources and ideas for year-around kid-friendly forts!)

Simple Clip Fort

A fun and humorous interview with Author/Illustrator Chris Robertson ( and the story behind the donkey named Patches)

Sonia Dalal and Abel’s Island (and the chance to put your child’s imagination to work)

Eileen Straiton and The Little Snowgirl (and a truly creative activity involving ice and beeswax!)


Julia Dweck and The Kingdom Keepers (and a fascinating activity on holograms from holograph expert Frank DeFreitas!)\

Beth Cheng and The Monkey King ( and some great suggestions for Chinese New Year book apps for kids.)

Zoe Toft and the Barbapapa Books (and a great recipe to make homemade play dough!)

FBF Zoe Toft

Such a fun month and we can’t wait until February of 2013 to do it all over again 🙂



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