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Poems in Your Pocket & Reluctant Reader Tip # 2

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Keep A Poem In Your Pocket1

April is National Poetry Month and today, April 18th is Poem in your Pocket Day. Do you like secret little messages tucked into quiet little places like your pocket or lunch pail? My children love this and today we are sharing with classmates, friends, and neighbors alike a little rolled up poem to keep in their pockets to share with all they meet.

Keep A Poem In Your Pocket


Reluctant Reader Tip #2

Today’s theme works nicely for those who aren’t quite sure they want to pick up the skill of reading. Little poems,jokes, or encouraging messages tucked inside pockets, backpacks or lunch sacks make for a nice way to reach out to your new reader. They’ll love hearing from you and won’t even realize they’re reading…..but that’s ok, you will.

Great Poetry Resources:

Keep A Poem in Your Pocket pdf Download Keep A Poem In Your Pocket

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 What’s your favorite poem and who will you be sharing it with?

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  1. Great tip! My kids did this one year as part of a school assignment but then never again after that. It’s a wonderful idea! We should do this at home!

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