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The ABC’s Of Book Jumping

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What is a Book Jumper?

It’s more than just an “activity.”  Book-jumping is a way of life. It’s where we look at the story from the same perspective as the characters. Instead of the book “being magical”, we actually become the magic. -Valarie Budayr

It’s the process of taking the solitary act of reading a book and transforming it into an event to be shared with others. It’s the act of pulling books off shelves and stories off pages. It’s the act of making kids books come ALIVE and living inside the pages. It’s creating places of magic and wonder, without ever leaving the house.

Book Jumper

A-Adventure and exploration via the pages of a book.

B-Bringing about a movement where reading is no longer a solitary act, but one meant to be shared in a group atmosphere.

C-Creating crafts and projects to help bring stories to life.

D. Developing young minds and imaginations through the power of literacy.

E. Embracing the power of books and sharing that passion with others.

F. Finding pathways and walkways that lead to the wonderful world of reading.

G. Generational: Not just for kids, but also for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpa’s, aunts, and uncles.

H. Having fun and learning at the same time.

I. Inspiring a generation of Slow Readers.

J. Jump into a book!

K. Keeping the act of Family Reading a cherished and much-anticipated event.

L. Learning to unplug from the virtual world, and instead experience a world within the pages of a book instead.

M. Making supply lists before starting a new chapter.

N. Not just reading about the magic within the pages of a book, it’s becoming the magic.

O. Offering a platform to connect with children through reading.

P. Pulling books off shelves and stories off pages.

Q. Quiet reading time is the new “family time.”

R. Reaching into the pages of a story and bringing characters to life.

S. Stretching the act of Jumping Into a Book over the course of several days instead of one evening

T. Tugging at heart-strings and influencing young lives.

U. United families reading a single story together.

V. Varying themes and genres to expose kids to all aspects of literacy

W. Wandering through amazing worlds and strange lands without ever leaving the house.

X. Setting eXamples for young readers, communities, and schools.

Y. Young minds blooming and growing.

Z. EnthuZiasm!!

You Know You Are A Book Jumper When

  • Instead of using words like “read” or “enjoy”, you use “enter.” As in; “enter one of the most beloved children’s tales of all time.”
  • Reading a book is a group activity, not a solitary event.
  • You need to fill a “supply list” before you begin a new chapter.

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