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It’s Mine by Leo Lionni

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It’s Frog Week at the Natural Nester Summer Camp. I was recently hiking in the mountains and spied a very small tree frog. He was so cute and it made me think of the book It’s Mine by Leo Lionni.

It's Mine

” On the island lived three quarrelsome frogs named Milton, Rupert, and Lydia. They quarreled and quibbled from dawn to dusk.”

This colorful and clever book tells the story of three selfish frogs who bicker all day long.” It’s Mine ! It’s Mine ! It’s MINE !” they yelled.

It's mine frogs

A bad storm and a big brown toad help them realize that sharing is way much more fun.

frog storm



The story has a strong and simple message which is seamlessly told through text and colorful collages.


Get your copy of “It’s Mine!” HERE.

Somethings To Do:

Are you ready to have a little frog fun. These activities will have you frog hoppy… I mean happy in no time.

Origami Frogs


This craft will have everyone happily hopping along. For instructions have a look here.

Here’s a folding sheet from KiddyHouse which really helps a lot with this activity.

origami frog tutorial

The Frog Masks

frog mask

These little mask are so so very adorable from My little 3 …..and Me. This creative mom recently jumped into this Leo Lionni book as part of her Virtual Kids Book club selection. They are just the cutest things ever. Head on over to her site for the downloadable template and to learn a little more about a frog’s world and life.

Don’t forget that it’s summer and summer camp is ready to be downloaded. You can start anytime you want to, on any week you want to. I’m honored to be a camp counselor for the Natural Nester’s At Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum. It’s been so much fun and there’s just tons of the most creative things to do with your family.

At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum

Happy Reading and Happy Summer !!!!