An Inside Look at Bookboard: A Book Subscription Service for Kids

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Want to motivate your kids to keep reading ? Would you like to know how they’re doing with their reading progress ? Would you like to your children to have access to some of the best books written all in one place ? 

I’d like to introduce you to Bookboard.


Bookboard’s goal is to create motivated readers, and we do this by re-imagining story time for today’s digital age. As kids read, they’re rewarded by unlocking new books to add to their collections. This will encourage your kids will keep coming back to unlock the next story again and again. 

As your kids’ interests and reading level changes, Bookboard suggests other stories based on what your kids have been reading, right when they’re most interested. The service is designed to grow with your kids, with new books added all the time.

Key Features

  •  Ever-‐growing library without the hassles of downloads an payments.
  • Kids are empowered to choose from a huge selection of books and start reading. No need for ongoing purchases appeals to parents or for lengthy downloads.


  • To keep kids reading. As kids read, they’re rewarded by unlocking new books to add to their ever growing library collections.And they’ll keep coming back to discover the next story.
  • As the reader’s interests and reading and reading levels change, Bookboard also changes with them.
  • The Thoughtful Librarian is delivered instantly to your home via your tablet. Bookboard suggests additional books based on what your child is currently reading right when they’re the most interested. The center and core of the book board service is the selection of books which is curated by a real librarian and personalized for your child.
  • Bookboard emphasizes the importance of co-reading together as adults and children, and within family groups. Understanding that story time is an interactive experience, Bookboard encourages parents and children to choose books together and the ease of unlocking new books.
  • Special Feature of Bookboard is for parents to suggest categories of books to their children and gain insight into their child’s reading progress via the reading progress reports. These reports share the amount of time spent reading, how many pages, title of the books, and more.


No purchasing, downloading or managing books – kids get the power to drive the experience of choosing what to read, and start reading instantly.

Bookboard is a book subscription service which has over 400 titles and adding all the time to keep your children interested, motivated, and reading often.

We’ve recently been using book board. As a parent I like the feedback I get from the progress reports on how often my child is reading, for how long, and how much. Each child is given 25 books to start with. The more they read the more books are unlocked and I have to share with you that this in itself has my kids reading.  Bookboard has a wide variety of reading material including both fiction and non-fiction. As my child’s reading level improves the books he’s offered also goes up in reading level. It’s friction free reading. 

It’s really important to know that Bookboard is a service and not an app. What’s the difference ? Instead of “buying” each book you’d like to read and then downloading it, Bookboard is a service which streams the books, keeps tract of what you’re reading, and gives children a wide variety of topics and reading material to choose from.  Also it’s important to note that Bookboard uses no enhancements in their books, wanting kids to use their own imaginations.


Every subscription includes:

  • Unlimited reading & 400+ unlockable books
  • Audio books that read to your children
  • Offline storage to read books anywhere
  • Goals & achievements to encourage reading
  • Report of your child’s reading progress
  • Up to 4 child reader accounts
  • Parent’s portal

Two plans to choose from:

  • 6-Month Plan

    $4.99 / month

    $29.94 billed every 6 months

  • Monthly Plan

    $8.99 / month

I’m very honored to be an ambassador for Bookboard and so thrilled to be able to bring this incredible service to you and your reading family !!! 

Would you like to have a look at Bookboard for yourself ? Go ahead, here’s a free trial.