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The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry Review #PoetryMonth

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Waldorf book of Animal POetry

Brilliant teacher, poetry compiler and editor David Kennedy has done it again with his new release  The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry.

This delightful book reads like a true literary Noah’s Ark and as I was reading this anthology, I was re-introduced to some of my childhood favorites, while discovering new poems. I was completely awestruck by this collection of animal poetry.

Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry

“Celebrate and honor our furred, feathered, and finned friends with the world’s largest collection of animal poetry ever published. The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry brings the animals of the forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, rivers, seas, and even your own backyard to life on every page. An essential companion for teachers at every level from kindergarten to college. Parents, children, and animal lovers alike will discover old favorites, make new friends, and revel in over 425 animal poems by classic and modern authors.”

David has a great sense of flow when he edits. None of the poems blindside you but instead gently catches your eye as if it has always sat on that page since the beginning of time.

I have to share with you that this book has a stellar fox section! Which, as you know, would be important to a family like ours who has had four generations of foxes in the backyard. On pg 73 of The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry you will find my favorite fox poem/song. I’ve decided to add a little video of our foxes playing to this very fun song which you can now sing along to because the words are on page 73.

The book is well organized into 12 sections making it easy to peruse and find exactly what you’re needing. Another attribute I really like in this book is there is an index listing the title, author, and the first line of each poem.

This collection of poetry is a “must have” if you are a teacher. It accommodates all age groups and will be an asset to your classroom and lesson planning. As a parent I love using this book as a living testament to the world of poetry. It’s fun to pick a poem and read to the children or have them read it to me while I’m cooking. It becomes another way of sharing our living language without it being “official.”

To have a look inside it’s pages or to order yourself a copy have a look here or  Amazon .

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