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We are really loving the endless choices from the book subscription service for kids called BookBoard. If you are looking for a fun fresh way to keep your little readers engaged and reading-BookBoard is a perfect solution.

Bookboard’s goal is to create motivated readers, and we do this by re-imagining story time for today’s digital age. As kids read, they’re rewarded by unlocking new books to add to their collections. This will encourage your kids will keep coming back to unlock the next story again and again.

Check out their free trial HERE and take a look at their fun weekly “book shelf” of reading ideas!




Dog goes woof….

Cat goes meow….

No, I haven’t had the attack of the sillies, I was just reflecting on that crazy song from two Norwegian brothers that ponders the thought, “but what does the Fox say?”

What Does The Fox say?

Well, since I have had four generations of Fox family inhabiting my yard over the years, I can tell you exactly what a “fox says”…

…but starting 9/19, the Foxes will be saying TIME FOR A SALE!

From 9/19-9/21 readers can get my best-selling book The Fox Diaries: The Year The Foxes Came to Our Garden for only .99 on Nook and iBooks!

 The Fox Diaries



As you know International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming on September 19th. So if you are planning to create a little “pirate fun” at home or school-let us help you! For a limited time you can get our Treasure Island Pirate Day Activity Guide FREE. This guide is 50+ pages filled with all sort of pirate-y fun like how to talk like a pirate, crafts to help you “get the gear” and look like a pirate, pirate games, pirate recipes, pirate facts, and even a little history about the Treasure Island book as well. Simply add your email info below and grab your copy while it’s available!

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